Resound Linx and Apple IOS 9.0

Added plus of Apple new IOS 9.0

Have worn Resound Linx, since they first came out. Overall satisfied with performance of aids and compatibility with iPhone.

Downloaded the new IOS this afternoon, no issues even with my old iPhone 5…shortly after the install I received an incoming call. Wow! My ringtone goes right to the aids! No more…hey guy, your phone is ringing. Previously, after answering a call there was a few seconds delay before you heard the caller. That slight delay is still there, but the ringtone directly to my aids is a real plus for me.

May be worth checking out if your aids are iPhone compatible.

Thanks for posting that. I was going to wait a while to upgrade my Iphone to IOS9, but this makes it worth doing. An unadvertised feature that is something food for a change!

Listening to i Heart Radio today, the Bluetooth connection is dramatically improved with ios9. Now it does not drop out for one ear, and stays on if I walk across the room from my Iphone.
I have an Iphone 6, but streaming has only worked if the Iphone is on a desk or table in front of me, or was in my shirt pocket.

Love the new iOS update, too, and especially having the phone ringtone pumped through my hearing aids and not just the conversation upon picking up the phone. Big step forward for me.

In the Accessibility screen under Hearing Aids I noticed the option for “Hearing Aids Play Ringtones” and then underneath there is an Audio Routing setting. I went into that and you can now select how you want audio from calls routed as well as a separate option for audio from media! I haven’t tried this one as yet, but if it does what I think it does it will be brilliant!

Some of the best features of the new iOS release were the ones that were kept quiet :slight_smile:

IOS9 is a lot better with my Linx2’s; the triple click works and connects 90%+ of the time compared to 50% before, streaming works from my trouser pocket which it didn’t before and having the phone ring in the aids is much better. At last Apple is making it all work well.

I too downloaded iOS 9 last night. When my phone rang it was pretty loud in my ear!

Should be able to rectify that issue by turning down the volume control on the phone…enjoy

Richard, I have turned the volume down but it was a shock on the first call!

Sorry…I misunderstood your comment…

FivePoint - I turned off the ringer and thought I would not have incoming calls in my ears, but I had 5 during a theatrical production! I followed your previous advice and turned that off - and now I know where to find it, so thanks!
What does the audio from media do??

.What does the audio from media do…

When viewing/listening to a video on a web site or youtube, for example, you “hear” directly into the aids (same as a phone call)

I have left my settings in the default position so far. Can always change them if the need arises.

I tried live listen but it is pretty tinny and not synced with the tv

I have not had a favorable experience when using “live listen”. Have had better result using the Resound App; manually adjust volume, bass/treble and then save it as a “Favorite”…named TV home, for example.

Yep. Love IOS9. I was at a loud party last night and was able to hear my phone ring in my HA’s. Cool.
Thanks for the tip on how to turn it off also.