Resound Linx 3D

Can someone tell me the difference between HP and super power? I have the linx 3D 961 in HP currently and wonder if the SP would help more.

The Ultra Power (UP) receiver is capable of more gain and output than the High Power (HP) receiver. It can fit more severe losses, primarily in the lower frequencies. However, it’s only available in a custom encased shell, so an earmold impression is required.

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I may try them. I get my Ears through the VA my molds are custom so that’s not an issue. I am still within my trial period for my current ones. Would they improve high frequency loss as well?

The receiver you want/need is the lowest power one that fits your loss – less distortion. The fitter easily establishes that from your audiogram.

I have not sat down with my audiologist since getting fitted. I’ll go next week and see what I can do. Mainly just need word recognition a little better but I know it’ll never be perfect.