ReSound LiNX 3D with over the ear headphones

When I am in the All Around program on these aids and listen to any live or recorded music (via speakers) this setting is fairly useless. It attenuates and goes bonkers when certain pitches activate the feedback control. So I typically just switch to music and the many odd favorites I have created. Today, I used a set of Sony MX1000m3 noise cancelling headphones over the aids and kept them in the All Around program. It sounded great and no issues with automatic changing due to the sound. In fact, it was quite a nice music listening experience. Why does this work when live music sounds so bad in anything but a music program? Any ideas?

I use Sony WH-H900N over the ear headphones with active noise cancellation. I have ReSound Costco Forte 8, equivalent to ReSound Linx 3D and ReSound Smart 3D app. I wear a RIC type aid and just gently lift the behind the ear part over my ear so that part sits in my outer ear. I use the Smart 3D app Music program, anything else sounds very bad.

I’d guess your aids can handle music better in the all around program. Are they a newer model? Mine are about 18 months old, but hit their EOL just two months after I got them, so I suspect from a design standpoint they are as much as four years old since new.

There might be something in how active noise cancelling in headphones works that help with headphone music, not sure. For me I need to use the ReSound app Music program for any music listening.

Thanks for this response.
My aids have to be in the Music program for music to sound tolerable at all EXCEPT when using these headphones. If I used a Music program with the headphones they would feedback because the music program has the feedback control off. Its a mystery why this works so well with the All Around program, no clue…

I’ve just bought some over the ear headphones and my Phonak’s automatically go into the music program and it sounds very good.

I do have to position the headphones right to get no feedback.