ReSound LiNX 3D Software Updates


I am running the 3D Smart App Version 1.3.1. I am running it on my iPhone 5, a newly refurbished one from the Apple Store less than a year ago. It is restricted to iOS 10.3.3 and cannot run iOS 11 and above. Is this iPhone no longer compatible with my HA?

I noticed the “MyResound” tab in the app.

It tells me my current HA software version is 674.674.40

It also tells me there is a ‘software update’ which is 675.675.40.

I found this via Google:

The above web page suggests I should have been sent a Software Update Notice. I never saw received one.

I find nothing on Google when I search 675.675.40 and ReSound.

How do I learn when it was released?



The ReSound Smart 3D app
is optimized for iPhone 6. iOS 10 or later is required.
Watch support requires watch OS 3 and iOS 10.


Someone should tell the folks who make the ReSound LiNX 3D and write the Smart 3D App. Perhaps it is the ones who maintain the description of the product on the Web. This link opened via a Google search run minutes ago:

It still lists the iPhone 5 as a compatible device. It contains the following sentence, "The ReSound Smart 3D app requires device runs iOS 10.0 or later. "