ReSound LiNX 3D Smart App

I have ReSound LLNX 3D 5, LT562-DRW hearing aids. I have a classic iPhone 5 running the final iOS with the LiNX 3D Smart App, V1.2.0.

I have ongoing issues with the app displaying a “Connection Issue.” Today I had to reboot the phone twice to get the app to accept fresh batteries. Once I did that I decided to explore the iPhone settings and went to Settings>Accessibility>Hearing Devices and triple-clicked the Home button to View Options. The result was a ‘spinning wheel’ and another “Connection Issue.”

Do others have this problem or is my phone borderline compatible since it cannot go beyond iOS 10.3.3 14G60?

I don’t want to invest in a new iPhone SE (I prefer the 4" form factor) if the real problem is the Smart App.


i wear resound linx 3d LT9-DRW62 and have a Iphone 5s IOS version 11.4.1 and have had no problems wIth my app

Is V1.2.0 of the app the latest you can install on your phone? The current version is V1.2.2, which is working very well for me on an iPhone X with iOS 12 beta.

I am using ReSound LLNX 3D 9 along with the iPhone ReSound App. The app itself was updated 9 July with “New optimization for MFI.” I have had to periodically “reboot” the iPhone 6 for connection issues; but I attribute it to the iPhone. It seems to possibly be “an Apple thing (issue).” FWIW. Nonetheless, the ReSound app and MFI are a tremendous benefit to me. c!

I’ve never had to reboot the phone. Just killing the app is sufficient (double click, find it and swipe upwards). Still, even that isn’t usually necessary. Just move the phone closer to your years and see if it starts downloading the status again.

Matalie - thank you - learned something new about iPhone from your comment. c!

A lot of iPhone 6 have bad/inefficient antennas. One of the people here took their phone to the iPhone store and got a free replacement.

I wonder how that person comvinced them that the antenna was bad.