Resound Linx 3D RIE comparison

I’m looking at getting Resound RIE hearing aids. Can’t tell the difference between the RIE 61 and 62 models other than battery size. One uses 312 and the other 13.

Is the size 13 battery better for these more high tech hearing aids? Or is the 312 still enough?

It is adequate with 312. If you plan to stream a lot, consider 13 which last close to twice as long. It a bit bigger is the main difference for some.


A quick scan of this LiNX 3D comparison page shows a few differences:

  • Battery size 312 on the 61 vs size 13 on the 62
  • No telecoil or volume rocker control on the 61

If you’re not worried about the slightly larger size, I would go with the 13 for more battery power… also a telecoil could come in handy for looped venues and such.

I wear the Costco Resound Forte which should have the same power consumption as the Linx3D. These aids have really good connectivity features - but this also makes them a bit battery hungry. My loss is severe, and the size 13 batteries last me almost exactly one week- (I change the batteries the same day each week).

Take a look at both. I think they are both quite small - but some may find the more tiny 312 size more appealing. With the 312, I suspect most will need to change the batteries about every 4 days.


I tried both sizes and couldn’t really tell the difference in comfort, so I opted for the one with the size 13 battery. I am glad I did- when streaming tv, etc, I barely get a week out of my batteries even with the larger size.


I’m trialing these aids and may end up buying them as my first permanent set. The way I think about the size, the 13 takes up a lot of extra space relative to the real estate available behind my ears, especially since I wear glasses. So I’m not inclined to go with the 13 just based on potential future benefit like telecoil. Judging from two battery changes so far, the 312 batteries are lasting six days. I wear the aids all day, with no streaming usage yet. 312 and 13 batteries have the same diameter, but the 13’s greater thickness makes them easier to handle.

My last hearing aids had telecoil. I never found one venue or one phone where it would work. My new ones (KS8) do not have telecoil and are tiny. They do have a feature where they take the phone sound and send it to the other hearing aid, so I get regular handset calls in both ears. That is more effective and practical for me. But 90% of my calls go through my Bluetooth device anyway.

I have the 312 version. Lasts 3-4 days with moderate streaming. Get the 312 version if you wear glasses.


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We mainly sell the 312 version as it’s about half the volume of the larger one and much narrower in the contentious area where your specs sit. Non-streaming people tend to get about 7-8 days, while people who use the Iphone app and stream a lot tend to get about 5 days.

That’s with PowerOne batteries in a pretty temperate climate.

I have the BTE. The 13 batteries last 4 days with heavy use of the multi mic. (I use it with my 2way radio at work.) I wear glasses. The combination has never bothered me.

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