Resound LiNX 3D ITC

How have you found the in the canal aid works when streaming from your smart phone? Any drawbacks?

I have just been fitted - 4 days ago- with ReSound LiNX 3D RIC. I noticed when streaming from my iphone that Google Maps and Music mostly goes to my right ear, and very little to my left. I am going to talk to my audi about this on Friday. Also, I noticed when streaming that my phone battery gets used up very quickly. I would like to stream music from an ipod to my hearing aids, but don’t know how to do this yet.

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Have you adjusted the volume from either the Resound App or the accessibility setting in the iPhone? I would suggest you turn of Bluetooth when no steaming. I never get more then 4 days out of my batteries and less if connected to Bluetooth. When no streaming music what is your opinion of the aids sound quality? I find them less crisp then my other aids. Hope this helped.


Resound product does seem to get less battery life than some other brands. Battery cost for many is insignificant. In some places that isn’t true. Here in the US you can get batteries in the $.25 region.

Do you have the Phone Clip +? It streams from all devices – phone and tablet. The Resound alone only streams from Apple product. Some Samsung models seem to be able to stream but only the latest, premium models and that seems a bit iffy.

Of course how much you stream affects battery life. But, it shouldn’t be overly dramatic for moderate use – typically a fraction of a day lost. With the Phone Clip +, it is even a bit lighter.

I stream very little and aren’t the best advice but what you are saying about the 3D sounds unusual and something the fitter should be able to resolve for you.

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Thanks so much. I haven’t tried adjusting the volume yet, but I will. I also think that maybe I didn’t have the dome all the way in on the left ear? I am still very new to this.

Thanks for replying to me. I do have the Phone Clip, and need to learn a lot more about it. I didn’t realize it can stream for all devices. I was especially looking for something to use when I work out- it is clunky to take a phone with you, and the sound isn’t that great. So far I have had my batteries in 4 days- they are the P-13s, so hopefully I will get some extra time out of them.
Your comments and posts have been so helpful. I just found out about my hearing loss on Nov. 15th, and it was a big shock. The people on this forum handle their loss so well that I am inspired.

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