ReSound LiNX 3D direct streaming with android?

Does anyone know if in future will be released a software update that will allow direct audio streaming with android smartphones? If so, will the BLE 5.0 standard be required? thanks to all those who want to answer me

It definitely needs the 5.0 standard. 4.# has very limited BLE capability. The 5.0 standard assign a full width band. BLE then adjusts itself to either add distance or bandwidth. The IoT will need distance and aids need the full bandwidth at short range.

Some of the premium phones may already have the chip to support the new drivers needed. If you are getting a new phone, look at the specs for BT to see if it says it is 5.0 ready.

So does it means that ReSound Linx3D supports BT 5.0? There are some phones with BT 5.0 on the market already so I wondering if the direct streaming to Android without “device-in-the-middle” will work…? IMHO not but I would like to be wrong…

I think the answer to this depends on whether a particular HA brand/model uses 100% software on their HA to do BLE support or not. If yes then maybe a firmware update is all it takes. If not and some of the BLE support is built into the hardware then a firmware update only may not do it if the supporting hardware also needs to be changed.

I’m not as optimistic. Chipsets for BT4 support a narrow bandwidth that is monodirectional. BT5 uses full bandwidth that is configurable. BT5 LE is configurable for bandwidth and power. It is narrower when it needs more power and wide when power isn’t a requirement. The clever kludge that Phonix pulled off is likely the max results one can get from a BT4 era chipset. Getting hardware to do what it wasn’t designed to do is iffy at best.

All the MFi options are using the Apple chipset. It would be BT4+ or a non-standard version of BT5 that could likely get a software update to work with the new standard. That may be 100% or not but close. Final standards usually tweak some things. It is usually close enough for those who implemented the original proposal. But there can be limited gotchas.