Resound Linx 3D 9 streaming problems

Hello. This is my first post here.

I’m a nearly-new hearing aid user. I’ve been living with high-frequency hearing loss for years but have avoided doing anything about it. I tried the hearing aids provided by the NHS about two years ago, but didn’t get on with them. About three weeks ago I went to a private audiologist and am now wearing a pair of ReSound Linx 3D 9s.

Overall, I’m very impressed. They work well — and they cope with my slightly unusual requirements. I often need to wear headphones at work when I’m recording interviews. The NHS aids didn’t work at all with headphones. These ReSound aids work brilliantly. They also work well in situations like playing the piano, where the NHS ones didn’t.

BUT… they have some really annoying problems linked to the Bluetooth/iPhone features. I can’t get them set up how I want… so I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone has figured it out. My audiologist is speaking to his ReSound rep, but I haven’t heard an answer yet.

The first problem is linked to audio streaming at home. We use Chromecast Audio devices in our house to send iPhone audio (from Spotify) to various speakers. When we start playing music from my phone with this system, the hearing aids switch over from ‘normal’ mode to the ‘iPhone’ mode… but there’s nothing for them to stream (because the sound is going via the Chromecast), so they just go dead.

The ReSound app won’t let you change the mode — it locks itself into the iPhone setting — and the only option is to take both hearing aid batteries out and reinsert them. Once you’ve done that it usually resets and works properly… but it’s very irritating!

Second… when I’m using the TomTom sat nav/GPS app on my phone, the hearing aids pick up the voice directions, but they don’t do it very well. The first part of the voice is cut off, and the audio randomly goes to one or both ears. Once the voice finishes speaking, the aids don’t reliably switch back to normal — sometimes they just stay silent.

Given that this doesn’t work very well I’d prefer to turn it off completely and just hear the voice as normal — but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I’ve turned off ‘media streaming’ in the iPhone accessibility settings, but it doesn’t help with either of these situations. If it makes any difference, this is an iPhone 7.

Please can anyone give me any advice?

Or if the answer is “that’s normal” then I’d be glad to hear it. I’ve got another week before I have to decide whether to keep these or try a different brand. They do work well with headphones, and that’s a good reason to try to stick with them.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Interesting. It sound like Chromecast has a version of BT 5 that the aids respond too. Have you tried pairing to the Chromecast? I would imagine that the Chromecast is outputting more power due to lacking the restraints of a battery based system. Thus, it drowns out the phone signal which is somehow responding to its signal.

I think you’d be best served by finding a Chromecast or Bluetooth forum. Maybe @Volusiano or @Um_bongo would have a better answer than the above.

I have an issue with an app on my phone for my security cameras, Arlo Pro. The cameras can have two way audio, but I have that turned off on all of them. Nevertheless, when I go into the Arlo Pro app it seems to screw with my aids (Resound Forte). When I’m streaming to wireless headphones and go into the app to view recorded video, my music streaming stops.

I wish there was a way in the Arlo app to have it completely stop doing anything with audio.

Did you, at some point, pair to it? If it isn’t paired, it shouldn’t be able to send.

Thank you all for replying. It’s worth pointing out (in case you’re not familiar with it) that the Chromecast Audio doesn’t use Bluetooth. It’s a wifi device that’s linked to the Spotify account. You control it with the phone, but there’s no BT or BLE pairing involved.

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Similar issues with Resound, certain apps on my phone cause popping and problems with the ha’s. Waze is one that always creates issues. I found that I just turn Bluetooth off on my phone and let the aids run at the default setting.

I have replaced a lot of receivers on the ReSounds and I think a lot of this has to do with the Bluetooth and it’s way of handling apps. Since this usually happens after a problem is encountered with an app. I wrote to ReSound and asked if there is a software fix…of course no reply, so I keep a few receivers on hand.

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James, I had a pair of 9’s on loaner and "downgraded " to the 7 . I find the Re Sound bluetooth and app maddening. I’m curious, did you lose your iPhone notifications for texts, emails, etc. when you installed the app? I was disappointed to find ReSounds don’t send notifications thru the hearing aids. A pair of Starkeys I tried worked perfectly with this feature. So I’m always missing messages because the app kills the sound alerts. If I delete the app, sounds come back. ReSound told me “Our app can’t do that !” lol I find navigation will randomly play thru the h/a 's for no apparent reason. Have a iPhone 7 also. The app is very flexible otherwise for different hearing environments. Sorry can’t enlighten your issues more. Just thought I’d share my experience… Thanks Ed


So, what differences did you notice with the “downgrade”?

The mid grade aids often come close to the premium with minor degradation of some programs.

BTW, I have KS6 (Linx) and many of the early complaints we saw here were about notifications. People freaked over all the extra sounds which also lowered the environment temporarily. I have the feeling that a lot of complaints came back from users and fitters that weren’t tech savvy causing Resound to come up with a “fix” by disabling. They should have at least provided a slider for that happening or not.

Downgrade was $1000 less ! Ha I didn’t think I’d notice any difference in hearing by getting the 7’s and can’t tell a difference. You think the Resounds were disabled or never were supposed to ? (notifications) I’d love to find a brand that could do all three well. Voice, phone and stream notifications.
Still have my question, does anyone get phone notifications with Resounds ?? Ed

Couple of points on the issues here:

The receiver usage isn’t linked to BLE function at all, they are just as resilient as any that uses a cerustop.

A couple of clients have reported ‘garbling’ of certain voices from programs at different times. After some quite lengthy checking and cross checking in every case it proved to be the way the iPhone was routing and handling speech. Usually the best advice has been, install the new iOS, shut the app off and restart it and check that the pairing is working properly through the Settings/General/Accessibility/Hearing Aids, particularly the Enhanced Sound switch.

If you’re in any doubt at this point ring your own voicemail and have a listen to how a couple of different voices sound, get your Audiologist to modify the settings within the streaming/phone tabs in the Resound software.

And if it all starts sounding a bit weird at any point after, just re-boot the lot again. Third party apps either will work or they won’t, might be worth messaging the provider if there’s an issue as it’s likely they don’t realise the functionality is being affected.

Things aren’t perfect, but you’re effectively at the leading edge of BAN (body area network) systems, which are becoming standardised and refined. We’re a little while away from bulletproof communication standards yet.

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Well, you are the first to report such a problem. I think it might be a programming option implemented by your fitter based on past complaints. The Linx and Linx2 could definitely send notifications.

Hi, everyone. Sorry I missed all your replies… for some reason I didn’t see them.

Now that you mention it, Ed… yes, I think I lost notifications. I can’t remember exactly what the phone did and now I can’t check. Read on to find out why.

I saw the audiologist last week. He’d spoken to his ReSound rep. The outcome of those discussions: they’ve never heard of any problems like this and don’t know how to fix them.

I had to make a decision between giving the aids back or persevering. They work well in every area except where they link to the iPhone — so I’ve chosen to keep them… but I’ve completely switched off all the phone stuff. Like Rdmitch said above.

With Bluetooth disabled, they work reliably and I haven’t had the problems I described. It’s annoying to have spent money on a feature I can’t use, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

I told the audiologist that if anyone at ReSound wanted to talk to me directly then I’d be happy to share my experiences — but I’m not holding my breath!


James, Maybe your notification problem can be cured as simple as mine was today. Called Apple and the first thing she asked " is silent switch on ?" it was ! Sound notifications returned on phone ! Not h/a s’ which they’re not able to. Being a new iPhone user, I knew about it(the switch) but forgot it was there. No one thought to check it. Me, audiologist or Resound tech I spoke with ! Keep it simple right ? Ed

Hello there! I received my new pairs of Linx 3D LT962 about two weeks now. I can confirm that there is no notifications/alerts streamed to the hearing aids. Has anyone found any resolution to this issue? I find it very hard to believe that Resound’s top of the line hearing aid not capable of sending notifications sound directly to hearing aids. (do I need to downgrade to Linx2 LS962?, lol) While watching TV with Resound TV streamer 2, I hate missing notification alerts especially from IOS and whatsapp message from my Iphone X. - San

LOL Most folks show up complaining about notifications. If you have an active phone life, they get annoying because they mute the aids when sent. I can only give you a general answer based on older versions of both. It is all controlled in settings. You can enable/disable the sounds that are sent by configuring applications sound sent section – none, buzz, selected sound. You can also configure accessibility option as to where sounds go.

Update on notifications issue on Resound 3ds. Keeping a close eye on silent switch not being turned on by mistake, still finding message alert is still disappearing at times. Rebooting bluetooth, h/a 's, reselecting alert tone in iPhone menu will sometimes bring the alert back. (not always)

If anyone tries to use your iPhone for navigation which I use all day, it’s better to go into Google map settings and select " Play as Bluetooth phone call" It should read directions over car sound system. Random times something changes and plays voice directions thru hearing aids. Who knows ? Ed

Checked everything, silent switch is off, all apps notification sound ON. But sound comes from the speaker of iPhone X w/latest IOS ver 11.2.1. Notification alerts not streamed to HAs, only the phone calls, videos and music come thru HAs. Without alerts streamed to HAs, I am missing lot of messages as well. In MFi Hearing Device Settings, Call & Media Audio are set to “Always Hearing Devices” still get no notification alerts sent to Linx3D.

It is doing what most of us would prefer. When a notification is sent, the aid dims the mic. The world gets quieter. It can be a very annoying feature. You are in a meeting or talking to someone and a sound plays and the world goes soft. Even if you aren’t talking, most find it annoying.

Apple evidently addressed this complaint in the X. You would be better served with an older model – at least until Apple changes them too.

IMO, the X is what I’d want – excluding the price. It play notices over the speaker just like it does for hearing clients.

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Ken, I prefer what you described in your first paragraph. I just hate missing messages when I am watching a TV/movie using Resound’s TV streamer 2. I am not going to be annoyed by a brief second of mic dimming, in fact I liked that feature so that I know there is an incoming message/alert so that I can always pause my TIVO, LOL. Anyway, what older model do you know that still give me what I want. May be I need to downgrade both my iPhone X (after X-mas present to my wife, lol) and may be older Linx2. Thanks!

I have been wearing my new Linx 3D 962 for about 3 weeks. I am getting notifications streamed to the hearing aids- from messages on my Apple phone, etc, while streaming with the ReSound TV streamer 2. Not sure about the LT vs LS, where would I find which version I have?