Resound just updated their Smart 3D app


Resound just updated the Linx3D app. My audiologist just sent me the release notes:

ReSound is pleased to introduce an update to the ReSound Smart 3D app.
ReSound Smart 3D app version 1.2.2. includes a new feature, Optimize MFi connection, miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements. Optimize MFi connection is an optional setting that is intended to improve connection and stability of audio streaming, and optimize performance for users switching between iOS devices. Visit the ‘More’ menu within the app to find the Optimize MFi connection function.

When Optimize MFi connection is enabled, the Find my hearing aid function will reflect the location when the app was last open and active. Even if the app continues to run in the background, it will no longer track the location status in real-time.

When Optimize MFi connection is disabled, the Find my hearing aid function will work as it does today - the last location when connected to the app will be reflected as the app is running in the background.
Optimize MFi connection is defaulted ‘Off’ in the app. If a patient reports connection or streaming issues, they may choose to turn this feature on. If the patient does not report any connection issues and desires the full benefit of Find my hearing aid, the Optimize MFi connection should remain off.

ReSound Smart 3D version 1.2.2. is available today for both iOS and Android.


The optimization along with Apples updates have really improved popping, clicking, and connection stability. That is so far.


FWIW, I don’t hear any difference when I toggle Optimize MFi on and off while streaming a few different music tracks. Maybe it helps under some conditions. My streaming is already pretty good now with the latest iOS 12 public beta on iPhone X.

The Android app was also updated. New feature there is “Rate My Sound” that gets sent to your provider.

I’m curious if the new Android version fixes my complaints, namely the continual need to force-stop the app, and the corruption of the hearing aids. Not curious enough to try it, because I don’t want to mess up my new purchased gray-colored aids. I like seeing these presets in the MFi Hearing Aids settings section:

The two sides match so it shows only one program list, and they’re the program names I expect. In contrast, when I paired my trial aids to the iPhone after they’d been used with the Android app, the settings showed this:


I’ll be interested to see if this feature is also rolled into an update of their ReSound Smart App (for non 3-D devices like the Linx 2 961’s that I wear).

They’ve been promising an update to the app (currently on v.3.5.2) for some time now to improve the overall user interface and align it more with what I believe to be already in the Smart 3D app. This would be a welcome feature update as well.



Since the app and the iOS update dropped at the same time…who knows…

I suspect the iOS update is most impactful.