ReSound HA - no output

My HA will connect to my phone, so I know the battery is good (I changed it twice just to be sure). BUT, I don’t get startup beeps, and no sound comes out from the bluetooth audio on my phone. I’m also not getting the obvious main purpose of HAs of amplified sound. I’ve changed out the little white insert piece, the dome piece, and like I said, the batteries. Any other things I can try for troubleshooting?

do you have wax guards? If so they could be stopped up. It happens to me at times.

Do you have 2 hearing aids or just one?

Are those the little white things that go between the dome piece and the actual metal hearing aid? If so, I already changed that.

Just one. (Left side, only)

Yes if it is stopped up it will block you from hearing.

Sounds like you’ve done everything you can do on your own. 80% of the time, the little white wax guards are blocked, but you’ve changed that. Another thing that can happen is that the microphones can get blocked, but that’s not as common as other things. I’m going to guess that either your hearing aid is faulty or the receiver wire is. Either way, a repair is more than likely in order, I hate to say.

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I just re-read this and saw that you’re not getting sound out of your Bluetooth connection either. I would think if your wax guards were blocked, etc., that wouldn’t affect the signal to your phone. Definitely worth a visit to your fitter, I think.

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