Resound GN corupt program?

I have been back too my Audiologist twice in the last week regarding my Resound GN HA’s which are looping through all three sounds they would normally make if I changed programs over and over up to 6-8 loops, it’s really anoying. The first visit resulted in an adjustment that apparently did nothing, they were beeping over and over before I left the parking lot. I called for another appointment and was taken promptly, in the meantime the Audiologist called tech support at Resound and was advised to delete my old programs and start over all new which we did at the appointment. I thought all was well, but a day later it started up again and now it is the weekend so I thought I would ask the forum readers if anyone else had this problem? I want to add that my warranty has expired and I had recently updated my Resound 3D app, but refused to sign up for the new “Assist Program” because I am a health care professional and have concerns about HIPPA regulations, I don’t want to authorize access to my conversations with patients whether face to face or over my iPhone. I tried reading all of the fine print but was not convinced of my privacy. I know this looks like I am paranoid, but I would feel better if I could find out why my HA’s are going crazy 2-3 times an hour. I tried deleting the Resound 3D app and shutting off the power to my iPhone and the looping sounds continued. I reloaded the Resound 3D app and set it up again without giving permission to activate the “Assist Program”
and the loooping sounds continue. I spent hours reading this forum before posting and I am impressed with the quality of the dialog. I thank you all for reading this.

Don’t know if you live near a big city like NYC or LA but other forum members have mentioned in the past that field reps for HA OEMs have shown up upon occasion at an HCP provider’s office to help work things out with extremely thorny issues an HCP might have trouble getting a handle on. I guess since your HA’s are out of warranty, you’re not going to get that kind of service at no charge.

The other thought that occurs to me at the moment is that you’ve pegged something about the app, etc., as the root of your problem. Why not try testing your HA’s one at a time (the other off) and see if it’s just a specific HA that’s associated with the problem. I think my audi told me when I got my Quattro’s in 2018 that the out-of-warranty cost of refurbishment would be $300 (but I may be confusing that with the one-time “restocking” charge for a “no-questions-asked” replacement if I lost or damaged an HA under warranty).

But if it turned out just one HA was involved, that would cut the problem is half, so to speak. (Also, if you know an understanding person with another iPhone, you could see if the problem depends in any way on your iPhone vs. theirs).

Thank you Jim, I appreciate your comments. The tones have always started in the left ear and repeated in the right, and your suggestion made sense to try with one HA turned off, so I started this morning with the left HA turned off, and for the last hour or so I have not had a problem with the right one. I will report back later today, and most likely be sending them in for an overhaul tomorrow ( Monday) and paying for the repairs. I am ready to move on to a new pair, but it will be good to have a backup pair that work.

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Just for clarification I am assuming the acronym OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. I learned that on my Firestone tires on the car. Good to know.

Maybe the Hearing Tracker community forum should have a glossary and acronym definition resource for frequently used terms, abbreviations, and acronyms?! :slightly_smiling_face: You got the OEM definition right and it’s a term that’s been frequently used on this site over the years.

Shortly after I joined in April I asked the same thing and someone was kind enough to give me a few definitions. But they were not all there. I think OEM is very important because that does mean a lot.

Thank you for responding. I am having a Dickens of a time with my app but I do want to test it a lot more before I complain about it. All I can say at this point is nothing stays the same, like JohnPlatt said it keeps changing.

Feedback, no feedback, changes in volume level that I have not made. I know what my default is because I went to the Costco fitter on Friday and he even had to call resound and they gave him an excuse. So I am going to wait before I describe it all.

Have you tried removing the Resound app from your phone? Then see if the hearing aids act right.

If this proves the aids are fine, try reloading the app and see how it goes.

My Costco Fitter did that Friday. He even called the resound customer service and she gave some kind of excuse. Now my right A is totally dead. No wax in the wax guard but I changed it anyway, nothing works.

Four instance: if I select noise filter I absolutely have no feedback whatsoever. But then ALL the volumes fall straight down almost off the page. This is what I have been experiencing. sigh

Aha, Found out this morning from Costco that Resound has been having App problems, but they are working on it. !!! I am getting hearing from my right ear but it will not show up on the app. Shut everything off and restarted but cannot get any further than “found The hearing aids “ but they still will not connect. Going in to see if my sitter can do it for me. They still will not connect. Going in to see if my fitter can do it for me.

Maybe they can bring in a technician, there is one just around the corner.

Thought it may have been my iPhone but it was just diagnosed by Best Buy a week ago and everything was fine. When you have two computers talking to each other you never know where the problem lies. Hope to get this Fixed this afternoon.

Strange! Just this afternoon my ReSound 3D program seemed to go nuts. It wanted to go into a streaming mode and all four programs were affected. And it carried over to my AppleWatch ReSound app. I gave up fiddling with it and deleted the app and reinstalled it. Alls well again!

Got my R HA fixed. Called Resound and got a very nice lady who took me through all the needed steps. It took an hour, shutting the aids off and on shutting the phone off and on. (Of course we chatted a bit about our known neighborhoods as her office is not that far from here.) She didn’t really know what had happened. But I am so thankful they work.

One thing I learned from her is that the Resound Chargers are not having problems with iPhones like they do with the androids.

I am content and hope to be for some time to come.

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