Resound Future vs Bernafon Verite for Background Noise

I have been using a the Bernafon Verite 9’s from Costco for almost 3 months. I have been frustrated with several things about them; but primarily that they don’t seem to reduce background noise in restaurants or busy areas. Since my trial period is about up, I need to decide if I want to return them and get the Resound Futures. My original Audi preferred the Bernafon; but her temporary replacement while on maternity leave likes the Resound’s better. Are either of these HA’s supposed to be better with background noise?

i am also using this for about 10 days and could not get way out.hope find the ins and out soon

hi reg the background noise ,use RESOUND ALERA 961 ,AS IT HAS GOOD frequency supression at certain has automatic natural directionallity, were it works according to the environment.trail once tese models and you can judge yourself.

At Costco I can only get the Future, not the Alera; although they are supposed to be very similar.

I have the Resound Future (Alera) and it handles background noise pretty well. Before that I tried the Kirkland Signatures (really a Rexton Cobalt 16) and the way we had those set up they did a better job on noise.

But, neither one did very well until I asked for adjustments to that and then it took 3 or 4 times to get them just right. Right out of the box I couldn’t tell the Resounds did anything. In the software the audiologist has several icons and the ability to raise or lower them. For example, there is soft speech, speech in noise, background noise, etc. If you raise soft speech and speech in noise several Db and lower background several Db it makes a big difference.

Have your Bernafons been adjusted all they can be? It’s different software than the Resounds but I’m sure they have some adjustments available for background noise.

Thanks for your reply Don. I wish that my original HA Specialist hadn’t gone on maternity leave, so she could have worked on adjusting my HA’s more. Since the new one came on, it is more difficult to get in to see her. I only have another week on 90 days, so I don’t have the luxury of being able to get them properly tuned now. This is why I will probably just exchange them for the Futures.

I did trade the Verite’s in for the Futures. I like them a lot better for many reasons. I do find that the Future’s are better in restaurants. I will mention your setting recommendations to my HA specialist to see if they can get even better. But I am quite happy right now.