Resound Future Comes separated from the in-ear receiver

I have had Costco’s Resound Futures for about two weeks now. I love all the new hig frequency sounds I am hearing again for the first time in years. It’s spring and all the birds are talking to me! I also like the promise of the Futures being waterproof, thoough I am not eager to test that out.

I only have one problem, which may make me return them. The in-ear receiver doesn’t seem to lock into the actual hearing aid in a reliable way. I have taken it back twice and once they exchanged one whole hearing aid and receiver. They said it was a known manufacturing defect in the unit. Subsequently the receiver came loose again and they reinstalled it yesterday. It seems okay today, but I’ll keep checking it. It makes me paranoid because the expensive part, the actual hearing aid, is only held in place by the receiver unit in my ear, so if it comes separated I am likely to lose it.

Has anyone else had a problem with the receiver coming loose on a Future? Does the Bernafon receiver lock in better?

Also, is the waterproof thing really a big deal?



I just got mine Friday, and am also quite happy with them. I was concerned about driving my car with the top down, but the ‘wind/traffic’ program kept the wind noise at bay. I haven’t had a problem with them coming apart, but am having a problem keeping them in my ears. The audiologist has been away from the office since I picked them up, but should return tomorrow. I don’t know if the tubes need to be longer or bent a different way, but right now the keep popping out of my ear canal.

I had the same problem with them staying in my ears comfortably using the “tulip” tips on the receiver, but when I had them change to the “dome” shaped tips with openings in the dome, they fit comfortably and securely. They have several shapes and sizes of the little silicon tips that they can try out. The technician that helped me gave me several to try.

I’m trying out the Futures also. I have not had the receivers come loose from the body of the hearing aid. Is it possible your audiologist does not know how to mount the receivers? They mount completely different than the Rexton Cobalt’s, for example. On the Cobalts you make a half-turn to fix it to the aid. On the Future, if I remember the video, you take part of the case apart and fit the receiver, then replace the case.

There are animated videos on the Resound site that show how to do it.

Each time they have reinserted the receiver, they open the battery door, remove the top plastic cover on the case, re-connect the receiver using a plastic tool, and then remount the cover. On the cover there is a plastic tooth that goes into a small indentation in the receiver’s connector. The tooth is supposed to hold the receiver in place, but if the cover comes loose, then the receiver is liable to disconnect.

The cover that you are referring to is the mic cover and the receiver is (slightly) locked into place by that plastic piece. I don’t have the Futures, but do have the Aleras and, although it’s true that the locking system is not exactly mil-spec, I have never had a problem with the receivers coming loose (and am very active). If you pull hard enough on the receiver wire, the plastic mic cover is designed to come loose instead of breaking the plastic retaining tab. Could it be that you are grabbing and pulling on them in such a way that it’s yanking them out? Or maybe your tab is already broken and not retaining?

Also, there is no reason to go to the audi to re-install the receiver as you can easily do it yourself by pressing the receiver back into its slot (for lack of a better word) and snapping the mic cover back in place (the receiver retaining end is inserted first, then the battery end is secured).

I too have had this happen 2 or 3 times. I have re-assembled mine with no problems. Had the Audi look at it during my appointment on Saturday. The little locking finger on the mic cover looked to be intact. So he replaced the receiver. So far it has not happened again, but it has only been a couple of days.

Just returned from Costco. She tried several different tips and finally had to have different shaped for left and right. They are now quite a bit deeper into the ear canal than they were, and things are louder than they were. Might take some more getting used to having them so deep. I ordered the bluetooth phone clip so I’ll be able to link my iTouch with bluetooth and pipe my audiobooks directly in to the aids. Should be there tomorrow. Hope that works as well as I think it will.

I was walking from the Deli to work with my lunch on Thursday and my right ha went dead. I reached up to touch it and the ha fell away, luckily into my hand and not into the crosswalk! I wasn’t even touching them with they came separated, and generally I am quite gentle with the devices.

I took it back to the audi at Costco and they send the pair back to Resound. The audi and I looked closely at how the little tooth on the over fits into the slot on the receiver. It seems that the slot is deep enough but the diameter is to small for the tooth to go all the way in.

The audi gave me a demo pair of Futures to wear until mine return. If they haven’t figured out how to make them attach more effectively, I’ll try another brand. Bernafon? Rexton Cobalt’s?

Same problem. Fixed with a new little locking cover that has the tooth that locks the receiver plug in place.