Resound Fortes Vs KS-8

Greetings one and all,

Trying to find out which of the two HA are better built. Are there different types of parts used . What makes the Fortes 1200+ each Vs 1500 for the pair KS-8.

It’s time for new H A and the price is not a issue for me,just want to know more about the quality.

I also have a Apple iPhone 6.


P.S. I now have the KS-5

The price difference is that Costco strikes a special deal with Rexton. Costco and Rexton both know they’ll sell a heck a lot of them. There are differences to be sure, but nothing huge. I think the Forte’s MultiMic is likely a better solution in speech in noise and I think the KS8’s frequency lowering is a little more sophisticated, but either hearing aid should improve your hearing notably.