Resound Fortes/Ford sync

Greetings one and all,

Does anyone know if the Fortes MFI will pair up with the Ford sync system? At the moment I wear the KS-5,a Resound product that works perfect with the Sync system.

There is a post RE: KS-8 not paring up with Ford sync. The user has to switch over after answering on there IPHONE to the Sync system.

Thanks in advance


It isn’t the hearing aid that pairs. It is a passthru via the phone. So, if your phone pairs, your aids work thru the car.

Thanks Ken,

If I understand correct the new Fortes should work the same as the KS-5s with my IPHONE and sync system.

You are connecting KS5 with Ford Sync via Resound Phone Clip +
I presume?

No phone clip at all, IPHONE pairs with sync system. My bad KS5s don’t pair with system. I guess my question is can I use the Sync system to answer calls with the Fortes,if also using the IPHONE 3d app.

I should of said I use the sync system to answer calls with the KS5s and listen thru the car system.


Trying to understand the new made for IPNONE system. Phone calls will go thru IPHONE to both hearing aids. Answer phone call with iPhone, Will there be a way to answer calls with Ford sync system with out using the iPhone to answer call.

The Forte will only connect directly to the iPhone for streaming. With any other format, including Android phone or Ford Sync, you would need the PhoneClip+ for a direct connection.

I have no knowledge about using the iPhone as a passthrough device for Bluetooth sound.

I ordered the PhoneClip+ with the Forte that I will be picking up on Saturday, primarily so that I can connect to Bluetooth on my computer or my entertainment system.


Thanks for the information.