ReSound ENZO2 making beeping sound every 5 seconds

My 8 month old Resound Enzo 2 is making a continual deep beeping sound every 5 seconds. If I wear the aid for more than 5 minutes it actually causes pain in the aural canal. If I’m on the phone using my phone clip it stops.
•I’ve changed the battery.
•I’ve turned the T-coil button and off several times.
•I’ve turned the volume right down, but this doesn’t alter the volume of the beeping.
I’m at a total loss as to how to rectify the beeping. I can’t wear it as it is, and I’m lost without it for directionality.
I had a quick chat with my Aud and I have an appointment with my her on Monday, she thinks it will need to be sent back to Resound.
Does anyone have any idea on what I can do to try fix this issue please?

Do you have your Mics turned off when using the Phone Clip?

My friend had a faulty microphone (that’s what her Audi believed it was) and it made a beeping sound but not when she wore her Clip as her Mics were turned off. Not 100% sure what issue they found as the NHS replace rather then repair.

Anything that didn’t use the microphones on the aid, didn’t cause it to beep.

She has a N7 in her left.

Thanks Zebras, I’ll check the mic on the aids to see if they are working. Sadly I can’t do anything about them if they are what’s causing the problem, as the casing is all one unit that include the mics.

Actually this is a very good reason for DIY, if you had the resound smartFit software and Noahlink you could factory reset it and then load your original settings back on to see if this fixed the issue.
The beeps don’t sound like a mic problem, can you confirm that the beeps are there in every program?

What’s this, you don’t have a t-coil button,do you mean the rocker switch for changing programs?

I wonder if it’s some kind of flight mode indication?

tenkan thanks for trying to help. I’m the original IT dummy, even with a dummy manual I struggle. So DIY is simply out of the question for this older person.
I only have 2 programs, and yes the beep is in both programs.
Program for T-coil
And standard everyday program.

No I don’t mean the volume rocker switch. I have a T-coil button as you can see in the pic. I need T-coil for use with my CI and bimodal hearing system.

I have no clue but I’d shut down the aid for 24 hours. Take out battery, cook the sucker in dehumidifier over night, use a fresh batter or fully recharged battery and then see what happens. Needless to say a 5 second beeping sound would drive anyone crazy. Almost sounds like your aid is in a “locked” in position yet you can use phone clip and beeping stops.

Hold4triple I haven’t been able to wear it since Friday it’s now Sunday. It has lived in my Breeze dryer since this started and gets “cooked” every night for 8 hours. I agree with you it does appear to be locked in some sort of unknown position… I have no idea either. :joy:

Is it the same beep when your Enzo connects to your iPhone? My Enzo2 beeps every time I go into my garden and come back into the house. Then my HA „tells“ me that it found my iPhone again. Maybe the connection is no longer working properly?

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Dani it’s a totally different beep from the emails arriving in my inbox, or other BT beeps. It’s sounds a bit like a start up chime only a lot louder in sound and Deeper tone.

@Dani you were partly right it had something to do with BT and pairing all 4 devices. My Enzo has stopped beeping now, but I don’t have bimodal hearing when on the phone anymore. SIGH… As the Aud couldn’t get all 4 paired simultaneously. And I have no clues as to how to pair all 4 together.

But that’s OK as it will make me use my processor by itself, as I have my 12 month assessment coming up in 6 weeks time. How time flies… I can’t believe it’s nearly 12 months post implant.

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Glad that’s sorted for you, now what are these 4 devices you are trying to pair to your iPhone.

The 4 way pair is my phone clip, HA, my CI and my iPhone 11. They all need to be paired simultaneously to allow me to use bimodal system.

Ok, so all was working and you had all 3 devices paired to your iPhone up until the Enzo started making the beeps, and now you can only pair…which devices? as the Enzo is MFi and your CI should be (is this the one your using Cochlear Nucleus 7?) so this should be no problem at all for direct streaming and calls, but the ReSound PhoneClip+ is a slightly different bluetooth set up as you can only use 2 devices at the same time, which is perfect for your situation. (although you can pair up to 8)
you got to pair it to your Enzo and CI first and then pair it to your iPhone, by removing the sliver end cap on the phoneClip, push the white button for pairing to the Enzo and CI, then open and close the battery doors.
For pairing to your iPhone you push the blue button and it will automatically connect to the iPhone, just make sure the bluetooth is switched on and in discovery mode from your iPhone first! I’m not in the Apple/ iPhone ecosystem but bluetooth paring is straight forward.
Hopefully the links will help you sort your connection issues out.

All devices are paired. Just not working how they are meant to be working. I spent 1.5 hours with my Aud today and she couldn’t get them so that they work as bilateral ears. Its only when a phone call comes that it’s one ear or the other to listen to the caller not bimodal. I forgot to say that the phone clip needs to be installed in the Nucleus App also. All things are as they should be it’s just not happening.

Ok, so the next thing to check is that you have phone calls and media audio checked as in the picture in bluetooth settings, it’s worth checking just in case

Oh I’d hoped I was wrong. But I am glad to hear that you can use your HA at all again.

@tenkan I don’t have those device connections on my iPhone 11. My phone clip is connected through the Nucleus Smart app.

Something’s not right here, you don’t need the app to connect the CI and enzo2 for direct streaming from your iPhone, as they are MFi. (Made for iPhone)
The streaming and calls is done from your iPhone not the app, but whatever way you are using it, you MUST pair the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor and Enzo2 to your iPhone first.
You can then download the app and connect to your CI.
But I’m thinking, why do you have the PhoneClip? as I thought that was for android or other Bluetooth devices.

Someone on the forums must have Apple iPhone and a CI to confirm the set-up.

I need to app to connect the phone clip though. Because the phone clip doesn’t show up anywhere in ‘settings’ or ‘accessible. The only place I can find the phone clip is in the Nucleus app.

Calls and media routing is on automatic

I phone using the iPhone by direct streaming to the Enzo 2 without the PhoneClip as I don‘t have any. The person from whom I have the Resound uses his other Enzo 2 the same way and has a Cochlear N7 on his other ear. Enzo and N7 are both connected via MFi to the iPhone and he is phoning and streaming bimodal to both ears. He does not have a PhoneClip too.
Deaf_piper, for what do you need yours? For watching TV?