Resound Enzo vs. Resound Linx 3D for moderate to severe HL


Resound Enzo vs Resound Linx 3D for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Which you like best?

My experience with linx 3d and HP2 ear mold is terrible. I am not liking how the sound shift to different sound when I am in one room to outdoor area. My voice sound change and all around sound change. I had to restart my hearing aids to get back to the way it sound before.



Can anyone tell me why resound linx 3D (ric) volume goes up and down at some paces and different time of the day? It drives me crazy. I miss my old resound live (bte) Apparently, resound company don’t reprogram them anymore. Discontinued.

Please help. My audiologist had no idea why it goes up and down a lot.



My Widex Beyond 330’s are set up so that I can turn the volume up by clicking the button on the right HA and down by clicking the button on the left HA. There are seven volume levels and when I turn them on in the morning, they are set in the middle. Additionally, when streaming, the volume is controlled by my android phone. Likewise, the phone volume controls them when I’m on the phone. The Widex App also lets me do some customization of the sound for each of the programs (Gain, and a basic three channel EQ).

Initially they weren’t that way. The app on the phone was the only way to adjust the volume. However, after asking my audi, she reprogrammed them so that I could adjust the volume directly on the HA’s.

Hope this helps.

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Is it the automatic thing that recognizes different environments? What do you not like about it?



Yes, it’s automatic thing that adjusts the volume wherever I am in places. With these HAs, I am much more comfortable staying at home with my family. When I go outside, I could not hear my husband’s voice like he was about two feet away from me facing toward me. When I am inside my home, I could hear him correctly. When I am in my bluetoothed car, I had a hard time raising up my phone call as the volume sounded consistent. I never had these issues when I had Resound Live (BTE), which is now discontinued for making and for reprogram that I needed the most after my HAs broke in due to moisture.

Social life with Resound Linx 3D
I am not satisfied with the way it sounds with a group of 4-5 friends. I must say, with these HAs, I am the most quiestest person in he group. Their voices sounded like one monotone and I was over my head, could not catch up with everything what they said. With my previous Resound Live HAs, I was happily engaged with friends conversation, non stop. I really miss my old self and my confidence. Now, I am confused and more happy to stay home than going out with family and friends.

Someone here on the forum said try to turn off the environmental optimizer. Only audiologist has to do it. I don’t know if she did. I have been going back and forth by seeing her to reprogram for fitting. Like more than 15 times.



Do you have any manual programs that you can change to, like Music or Speech in noise?



I do. But, I prefer All-around setting.
When I told my aud that I miss the bassy sound in the car, she suggested me to use the app to switch to music. Unfortunately, it did not work out for me.



I changed audiologist. She switched from mold to dome and turned off noise reduction after one visit. And my problem solved.

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