Resound Enzo Hearing Aids Losing Bluetooth When Connection to iPad with ios14

Hi all,

I have an iPad 8th generation. I gave Resound Enzo power hearing aids which normally enable me to stream audio directly from my iPad via bluetooth. I also have an iPhone 8+ where I likewise use bluetooth – in this case mainly for audio conversations. I run 14.3 on the ipad.

My problem is with streaming Netflix (etc) from iPad to hearing aids. Phone bluetooth is ok. When I was running iPad ios13 everything was fine. Since I’ve upgraded to ipad ios14 my bluetooth cuts out every few minutes or so and just ends. I have to restart bluetooth and/or re-pair the hearing aids. So far I have tried:

  • turning off bluetooth on phone while watching Netflix on ipad to avoid any conflict.

  • turning off phone completely while streaming on iPad

  • trying ipad ios 14, 14.1, 14.2, 14.3

  • ‘forgetting’ the hearing aids and re-pairing the hearing aids with ipad

  • clearing network settings

  • doing reset of ipad (home and off keys depressed at same time)

Nothing works. I’ll be watching and Netflix and the screen will freeze as my bluetooth breaks. Then I have to either turn bluetooth on/off or re-pair the hearing aids and I can usually get it to work again – for about 5 minutes.

First question: is there anything else I should try?

Second question: how do I drop back to ipad ios13 if anyone has tried this? I went to and the only downloadable images available are at the 14.x level.

I’m clearly at the end of my rope and would appreciate any guidance on the above two question.

Thanks very much, DB

I feel for you as I have been frustrated over and over with this very issue for over 5 years. At the moment however, my resound Prezas are working well with iOS 14.3 on both my iPhone 8 and iPad. My iPad even grabbed my Prezas when they were not being streamed to by my iPhone. However, when I was done streaming from the iPad, I had to turn the iPad’s bluetooth off before my iPhone could stream to them.

Bottom line is that I don’t know who’s to blame but I doubt that Apple and Resound will ever get it working reliably.

You can’t go back to IOS13. Apple doesn’t allow it.

Oddly enough, I’m cautiously optimistic that the problem was having too many applications open in the background on my iPad. Since I’ve made sure there are no applications running in the background, the bluetooth connection between Enzos and iPad seems solid. Having applications open in the background on an iPad seems like a very odd reason to affect bluetooth unless it has to do with chewing up too many cycles, but so far closing all other apps out but Netflix seems to be working.

@U_Said_What_8 I sincerely hope that Apple & GN will get it working together seamlessly… For the simple reason that Cochlear CI users rely heavily on these two products alone… Without Apple & GN my hearing will be half of what it is, no streaming - I won’t be able to answer the phone… It’s big $$$ for Apple to keep Cochlear customers happy…