Resound Enzo 3D strange sound

Just got this HA a week ago for trial and in the process of testing it in different situations. I feel mostly positive about the HA; however there is one issue that bothers me.

At times I hear a sound that is almost like a radio announcer or someone talking low in the background. I cannot make out any specific words or sounds. It does not seem to me to be an “echo”. Also cannot pinpoint where or when it occurs and it is inconsistent, sometimes in the car, sometimes in the house and sometimes outside. I will contact my audiologist about it, but just wanted to ask if anyone here has experienced something like this and can maybe shed some light on it.

Check your house for ghosts.

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Last week I was in the driveway and heard somebody talking. Since I am well back in the woods, this seemed odd. I finally sorted-out that I was hearing my neighbor and his son hundreds of feet away.

However you say you hear talking in various places.

Tinnitus can “sound like” speech. If you have tinnitus you had it for a while. But new aids may modify either the tinnitus or how you perceive it. However it would be odd for tinnitus “talk” to be “convincing”.

Or ghosts. In our last house, that was no joke. Fortunately quiet ghosts, but a 1830 house carries a lot of history.

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I don’t think its tinnitus (or ghosts for that matter). I do have tinnitus and I guess its possible it may be a masking program trying to cover it up, but its not constant like my tinnitus is. And the audiologist didn’t program the aid for tinnitus as far as I know. I have an audiologist appt. Monday so I will ask her about it. It may be a deal-breaker with the Resound if I can’t get rid of it.

Could it be from a Bluetooth device you are not thinking about?

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To confirm this, when you “hear” these sounds again, quickly remove the HAs, if it’s truely tinnitus you’ll still “hear” it.
To me I think your just hearing environmental noise from the mics or
noise generated internally in the HAs there’s a setting in the resound smart software for low end environmental noise, band expansion they call it.
Have your audiologist set it to high, this should help.

Raudrive, I don’t think so. I tested disconnecting blue tooth on my iPhone, and even uninstalling the app and the hearing aid still had the strange sound.

Tenkan, It doesn’t sound anything like my tinnitus. When I meet with the Audi on Monday I will ask her about the “band expansion”. Thanks.

Enzo is compatible with your phone. Check your phone and make sure you don’t have anything running in the background that was never shut down

I trialed the Enzo 3D as well. I wanted it for the 675 battery. How bad is your hearing? Do you need Enzo??? If the hearing aid is too powerful and cut way down to meet your prescription, all sorts of things can happen. For me, it simply sounded horrible. Plus…a low grade murmer. It is called circuit noise. Usually, the average Enzo user wont hear it…it is drowned in what the hearing aid is delivering…

Why Enzo 3D anyway??? I believe the Enzo version of the Quattro is out or getting ready to come out. The Quattro platform is superior in every way to the 3D platform.

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