Resound Dot2 20 problem

I’m a new HA user as of just 3-wks ago. I purchased a pr. of Resound Dot 2 20’s and have had none of the issues I’ve read many new users have had. i.e. overwhelming volumn from toilets flushing, etc. Certainly, things like that are louder, but I’ve been able to wear my HA’s all day long every day from the start. My problem is that I work in a warehouse environment (Home Depot) and even with all the noise from machines and such I get along fine until it comes to the telephone. Half of the time I’m unable to hear the person on the other end and by the way I hear them fine without HA’s. If I’m unable to get this problem resolved, I’ll have to return them. My loss is all in the high frequencies. Any help out there?:confused:

I selected the Dots because for me they had the best background noise cancellation. Also I thought they had the clearest and most natural sound. I’m a happy camper.

I don’t wear them that much because my opinion is all HA’s may damage hearing over a long time. It’s a time exposure thing.

I think the Govt requires all HA’s to work with Telephones. Your Audie must be IQ challenged if he/she can’t get them to work with a phone. If they can’t figure it out my all means return them NOW before the return time runs out. The get a new dispenser/Audie.

Are you holding the phone to your ear or to the hearing aid ? If you hold it to your ear the sound will be a bit muffled due to the dome in the ear canal.

Strange thing is they work fine on all phones I’ve tried other than the phones at work.

Don’t know if I understand the question. I have BTE RITE, so I hold the phone receiver against my ear, as I do every other phone.

I also have Dot2-20. If I hold the receiver to my ear the sound does not go through the hearing aid which sits on top of my ear. Try holding the receiver higher. Having said that, I still prefer to use speakerphone.

Thanks Jacktar. I appreciate your response and now understand the first response I received from you. I’ll certainly give that a shot. I see you’re from Scotland and may have never been in a Home Depot, but if you had you’d understand why speakerphone is NOT an option.