Resound Dot

Any opinions on what would be better - a Dot squared 20 or a regular Dot 30?

I understand the 30 has the sound processing of an Azure, but the Dot squared 20 is a newer model, but I presume still below the regular Dot 30…

The Dot2 (squared) have the new surround sound + other new technology. See this link below discussing the technology upgrade for Live and Dot2 models in the fall of 2009.

From what I understand, when the HIs switch to directional/front focus the mid and high frequencies are processed directionally while the bass/low frequencies are process omnidirectional (360 degrees).

I would go with the newer technology.

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Depends on price too.

An ‘old’ dot30 might be a lot cheaper than a new dot2.

For example, I sold my last stock dot30 today for a fraction of its usual price … it was no good to me sitting on the shelf.

The customer was very pleased to get a top-end aid at a super price - even 'tho it’s notionally not a current product.

If we are talking EBay the price difference is $350 ($1495 vs $1145).

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

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Thanks for the info. I am looking at ebay, just not sure because the HA’s warranty will not be honored in the US if I have it right.

I never expect a warranty when I buy online, except for the initial non-DOA/new-item/perfect-condition backed by my credit card chargeback rights. After I receive what I expected then I’m okay being without a further warranty.

Browsing Ebay “completed listings” shows she/they accepted $500 (£329) for a pair of Dot30s via Best Offer - so use that as your benchmark!

(unfortunately she/they learned by that mistake and all the Dot² seem to be “private” listings so you can’t see the best offers!)

Oh yeah, good point canthearmuch. I forgot about the or Best Offers.

Looking at completed auctions I also see the Dot2 Dot20s going for about $1000 so the newer technology is also cheaper if you take advantage of using the Best Offer feature. Those were with free programming to your loss.

I understand, however, if the item has an issue, Resound USA will not fix them. So you must find someone else or send it back to the UK. Maybe that isn’t a huge issue.

This HA stuff really frustrates me. I’d kind of like to try the Dot 2/20 but have never tried them otherwise and therefore I do not know if I will like them. There is no returning them except to move to another HA.