Resound dot 30

have just bought them on ebay. What a great price 750 US dollars a pair. They were made to my spec and have full serial numbers. They are great, The main dealers are ripping you off. See ebay uk dot 30 save-on-hearing Post free I can recommend as I have had a warranty claim . It was resolved in a week.

I looked at them. Great price. Resound also will support the warranty in the states. I didn’t go that way since my insurance company wouldn’ t recognize an out of states purchase.

The UK’s response to my thanks but bought somewhere else at basically same cost was to call me a liar. It went down hill from there. Glad your purchase worked out and glad I got mine somewhere else.

or for one?

If its the place I think and by far the best pre insurance price on the internet, it each not pair. You never know though,

$1495 on eBay from the UK seller.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1309|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

I did buy for that price, I’m waiting for shipment.

If my loss is flat at about 50 at all frequencies, and the range for Dot 30 is around 30 for low frequencies, then is it true that these would not work for me? Do the majority of open fits perform less so at lower freq’s? Or do some work better at low freq’s that this Dot 30?

For those that have gone this route-what are you doing about adjustments? Are you getting fitting software and hardware to hook up to your computer, and if so, from where? If not, how will you make adjustments to your aids? I don’t see any audi/dispenser helping you if they didn’t sell you the aids, but maybe there are a few somewhere.

To answer in part. I was going to get them and I had a audi who for a fee was willing to do adjustments. The reason for not doing the deal was two fold, my insurance wouldn’t kick back money treating the UK as out of network, and finding a a US audio who sold me Siemens Centra Actives at $50 more after insurance money with a 30 day trial. He is here in the states so a quick turnaround. I also thought the Actives would do a better job in handling worsening hearing loss.

I’ve had the same audiologist for 7 years, and she sold me my first aids then. I bought GN ReSound Pulse aids from her almost 2 years ago, and last year had a followup and hearing test. At that time she indicated that she had no issue with working with me (for a fee, of course) to adjust aids that I purchase elsewhere. Last February I tried dot 30’s from, but ended up returning them because of a perspiration issue.

Still, it’s nice to know that she has no issue with helping me. And when I bought the GN ReSound Pulse aids, I wasn’t even wearing the Widex aids she’d sold me. By then I was in a pair of America Hears half-shells. She mentioned that she couldn’t come anywhere close to the AH pricing. Luckily, both my purchases from her were covered by my company’s health coverage.

I do so HATE blog spam.

A poster with a history of just one post saying “Look at XXX supplier - they are great.”

Agreed, if that’s what it was. It certainly seemed so to me, when I first saw it.

At least others with something of value to import, or issues to resolve, helped to redeem the thread.

Did you buy from them? It sound a bit too good to be true?

The dot 30s aren’t going to work for moderate cookie-bite loss, are they?

wouldnt the Paypal feature eliminate the risk of scams?

This is my first post after being a long time lurker. I wear a 6 yr old set of CIC that are on their last leg . Having trouble hearing my grand kids made me get seriuos about looking for a new set of aids and was looking at AH ,Freedom 30’s ,CIC and BTE .but I was having trouble finding someone to make the molds for the CIC which I really wanted.
I had tried the Resound Dot 30 in my Audiologists office and was impressed but the price was $5700 and I wasn’t sure I would wear a BTE.
I took the chance and ordered the Resound Dot 30 from Amanda after sending her my Hearing test and e-mailing questions for several days .
I made an offer and it was excepted . The aids were here in SoCal in 4 days they have serial# on them .
They were what I would call programmed hot the right one almost being unwearable . I went to the Resound web site contacted a local Audiologists who is much closer than my current one who said they would adjust them for a fee ( should have done this B4 buying lol ) not only did I get them adjusted ,but she said these would work best with ear molds rather than the tulip dome’s .because I am used to the CIC’s I went for the molds just to make it easier to place in the ear . She also was willing to make me a set of molds to send to AH for a pair of CIC’s for backup .
So far I am very happy with this purchase but it did take some work on my part but I saved a lot of money.My ear molds will be fitted May 1 .

I’ve also purchased these from Amanda.
I was wondering, I have a high frequency loss; does it have to perform badly in noise? I mean, it’s worse than without aids altogether.
By the way, I’ve tried contacting the seller after the sale and she is not responding.


The first thing we did after getting them adjusted was go to a restaurant that evening to test them in a noisey enviroment .
They worked well compared to my CIC’s .I could hear my wife with no problem and the 4 people behind me who were carrying on a conversation.
What i haven’t tested was going to dinner with 6-8 people and see if I can hear the people furthest away from me almost impossible with my old CIC’s .
I was able to get a e-mail from Amanda after receiving the aids ,I thought a large set of domes would help the left ear , she said she would ship them but they haven’t arrive yet , not needed now that I have opted for the ear molds .

Were you able to get yours adjusted by a local Audiologists that may help .

Things that have improved : I can hear the timer on the stove , TV sound level is now 19-21 depending on the station was 27-32 B4 , wife setting is 16-19 ( ear’s like a deer in hunting season) .Mocking birds now are making me mad with there evening calls ( only bothered the wife B4).can now hear this keyboard tapping .

OK, I had a minor issue with one of my dot 30 aids. When outside I had wind noise from one aid all the sudden. I tried to contact this same ebay seller claiming to be Amanda. I got no response after a few attempts so I called the Resound distribution center here in the states. After giving them the serial numbers they advised me to contact Resound from the UK. Now the UK Resound tells me the same thing…no record of those serial number. The really wanted the name and number of the person selling them on ebay. The just told me they are started a investingation into this seller. If you buy Resound aids from another country over the internet or ebay they will not warranty them at all. You have to buy them in person from one of Resounds customers only for a warranty.

^^^I’m sorry to hear this…Good luck!