Resound Dot 30 vs Oticon Epoq XW

Anyone compare the Dot 30 against the Epoq XW? I’ve been leaning towards the Epoq XW because of all of the awards it has owon and reponses from others who have the EpoqXW.
Is the technology in the Dot 30 as advanced as the XW?

They are different instruments, I have good success with both of them.
There are thing that I like from the Dot that are not available in the epoq
and there are others that I like from the epoq that are not available on Dot.

Epoq was the first wireless intrument that feaatures binaural wireless procesing, Oticon had always bet on artificial inteligence (parallel procesing) this is a different approach (im not saying it is better) compared to for example phonak (which had a good wireless intrument call exelia)…
Phonak for example is based on auditory scene analisis, the instrument decides in which enviorment you are and changes it self accordingly…

I have heard good reviews from both instruments, some novel features about oticon epoq xw- My voice- it distinghish when you are speaking vs when you are listening (this is used to refine NR,etc)… Binarual feedback canceler is a
feature (minor) that might be helpfull if you for example listen to music…

Overall, I had great success with it… Now on to the dot, I do like the
enviromental optimizer, this allows me to control the overall gain in a certain enviroment. So for example, if you just wish to reduce the gain only in noise
but leave the gain intact in other enviroment. this is your tool… I like this a lot,

Another feature, is the natural directionality- which is a novel feature- never seen before, (please search the post on what it is), this is a GN exclusive and most people do really like it. Another nice feature, is the size, dot is incredible small, HOWEVER, the fitting range is more limited, with epoq you have a better range…

My advice, try them both- to see what works for you. Either choice is good …

If you want a instriment more like epoq, Azure is the name

I tried a ReSound aid a while ago and personally, I wasn’t a fan of the natural directionality. It made my one ear feel plugged, didn’t like it at all. I also didn’t like how much wind noise I got from it. My audi let me walk around the mall that her office is in for a few minutes so I could test it in the ‘real world’ outside her acousitcally good office. Just walking slowly gave me wind noise. I am not sure if the Dot has a wind block feature but I have found that to be one of the most valuable features on my aids. Though now I don’t think I could hear the wind noise even if it was there with my new loss, but before it drove me nuts!

I have never tried an Oticon so I can’t really say anything about that.

I use Phonak aids, pretty much always have.

My first posting here - LOVE the forum!
I was wearing Siemans ite for 8 years and they finally gave up. I would only wear them at work NEVER at home or out with friends (very uncomfortable). I have the Oticon Epoq for about 4 weeks now and I am very comfortable with them. My adui wanted me to get the dot 20’s but I am on the phone a lot with my job so the Epoq was the better choice for me(tcoil). The only thing I am having a hard time with is the receiver staying in the ear. It pops out after a couple hours - I try to push it in as far as it will go, but it still comes out. I have a followup with my audi monday. Maybe I can get a small fitting.

For those who fit the epoq , what is their experience with the auto t.
I have been having a tough time, even if I glue the magnet…

Is this an epoq thing or it is the same across all instruments

Dot do have the wind noise reduction… It could be reduce using the enviromental optimizer…

For my money, i would prefer azure,

Why do you prefer the azure? Is is as small as the Epoq or Dot?

The dot is tiny, and take a 10 battery. The Azure is larger, and takes a 13 battery. Since the Epoq takes a 312 battery, I’d assume the Azure is ever so slightly larger.

Thank you for all of the information. Just got back from my hearing test and found the in 8 years (I’m 61) my hearing has only slightly decreased from where it was. Next a visit to the hearing aid department in the same office. They don’t do both in the same day.