Resound Dot 30 problems

I have had my Dot 30 aids now for 6 months but I have a persistent problem to which there appears no solution. I get sounds akin to feedback, like I get when I put my hand close to my ear, even when I am just sitting perfectly still or move my head even slightly - indoors or outdoors. This sound is audible to others around me. The aids were repaired by GN but the problem persisted. The aids were then replaced by GN and returned to me a couple of days ago. I am very disappointed that I am still experiencing the feedback sounds - persistently throughout the day - even though the aids are brand new. I have a very small ear canal and find wearing normal in-the-ear headphones impossible. Fitted at the moment are the small size open ear fittings, although I have tried them over time with the medium size open ear and the small tulip fittings. I can only come to the conclusion that maybe I am not wearing the aids correctly ( I was just told to ‘pop them in’) , or they are not suitable for the shape of my ears. Do the aids need to be lodged in the ear canal or just positioned close to the entrance, for instance. I have considered wireless interference because we have a lot of wireless equipment at home but discounted this because the problem persists outside of the home. I am sure there must be a simple answer but what? I would appreciate hearing from anyone with advice which might help solve the problem.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message.


I have analog aids which I have worn for 15 years and the right side had a similar problem. I would suggest two feedback scenarios:

If this only happens when you are in a very quiet location then the aid(s) are probably shifting into a higher gain program to “listen harder”. When the quiet gain was set too high I had this problem.

If it happens even during routine sound levels then the amount of leakage between inside and outside is causing the feedback. When my ear canal changed shape (the aid no longer was a good fit) I had this problem and had to modify the fit.

Hope this helps,