Resound Dot 20 reliability

I have a pair of Resounds Dot 20’s which are just about a year old. In the year that I’ve had them, they have both gone wrong at least twice each.

Each time the symptoms came on slowly, and they sounded like they weren’t making sounds loud enough any more. I thought initially that my ears were getting worse, or that they just needed adjusting, but when my audiologist sent the faulty one away for repair, she gave me a temporary Dot 20 set up with my settings, and it instantly sounded 100% better. These symptoms have happened with both of the hearing aids on seperate ocassions.

My audiologist thinks that my problem is moisture. I have an oily skin and the body of the hearing aid gets a little damp, however I have examined them with an eyeglass after wearing them all day, and cannot see any way the moisture could’ve got inside.

I had an older pair of ITE Resounds for about 8yrs prior to having the Dots, and whilst they were also unreliable (going wrong on average once per year each), I could appreciate that the problem in this case was moisture, due their location.

Has anyone else had reliability problems with Resound Dots??

I currently have a slight problem with the RH aid where when I hear loud noises (eg listening to music in a loud car) it sounds like the speaker is distorting. Its like when you listen to the radio and the radio’s speaker is buzzing/crackling, or if there was a box of screws rattling on top of the speaker box. I’m thinking that it may be the speaker unit that’s faulty this time, however I’m living with it at the moment, as most of the time I cant notice it. When I’m listening to the Eagles on the way home on a Friday though, its very annoying!

I’m having the same buzzing speaker problem with my left Dot 30. It
works fine for 2 - 3 hours after I put it in, then it gradually gets worse.
If I turn it off and put it away for an hour, it works OK again.

If it’s caused by moisture, why does it only happen with one of them?

I don’t think this particular problem is moisture. The “gradually losing amplification” problem - maybe.

I have to say that I’m not impressed really. Considering they cost £1500 each, I don’t expect them to go wrong within the first 3 months! The first couple of times they went back I was given a whole new unit when it came back. Last time my unit was repaired. I suppose when they’re over a year old I’m going to have to pay each time they go wrong…? Not happy.

andy625 and pvkirby I was told that they had a few issues with the cables to the speakers cracking . Has your Audi checked this? As the problems started within the first 3 months can you get your money back if they can’t resolve these issues?

I have been considering the Dot 20 as one of my options for my first HA’s so your quality issues are of interest. I tried Dot 10’s,whilst I noticed a huge improvement it didn’t solve some situations. I did notice that they sounded a little tinny instead of natural and noises like clattering plates almost sent me through the roof how do the Dot 20 & 30’s compare. I am not sure if it was just the way they were set up.

I haven’t spoken to my Audiologist yet regarding the distortion problem.

Due to the other problems I’ve been having, it is becoming embarrassing having to keep making appointments to see her. The last two times, before I identified that the hearing aid was actually faulty, I’d make an appointment to get it turned up slightly, then the next week I’d be back again. I was almost at the point of making it a weekly recurring arrangement! She is very understanding though.

I will need to see her about the distortion. I think it also needs to be turned up slightly, I’ve been hanging on to see if it is fading away, but it seems to be constant.

Is the Dot 10 the one with the microphone on the top face of the unit with a little grille over it? If so, I was lent a couple of those a year or so ago when my old hearing aids were in for repair. I didn’t really like the sound from them. It was made more irritating as I have short hair, and my hair was always crackling over the microphone grille. I don’t get that with the Dot 20’s as they have a cover over the microphone.

On the rare ocassions when BOTH Dot 20’s are working correctly, they sound pretty good, however I can’t say that I’d recommend them as mine are VERY unreliable. My audiologist even offered to keep a spare pair set up for me in her branch, so that next time they go wrong, I can leave it with her and take the spare!

I’d personally like a refund, and to get another pair from a different manufacturer, however I don’t think that thats as option as they’re about a year old.

I bought my Dot 30s on Ebay. I contacted the seller about the problem , and she said that mine are under warranty and I will get a replacement.
I have to send my bad unit back to her. I will post an update on
how this works out.

Amanda emailed me and said she thought it might be a bad tube. She suggested that I try switching the tubes before sending the hearing aid back. That turned out to be the problem, so she’s going to send me some new tubes.

Glad you’ve identified the cause. Mine doesn’t sound right at all times of the day, but it only happens when I’m near loud noises. Was yours ok when you’re listening to quiet sounds, but distorted when listening to loud noises?

Why not get a Hi-pro to fine tune yourself? I believe you may have set the low frequency too high. With Hi-pro, programming cable and free software download, you could tune to sound level that you could tolerate.

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