ReSound Dot 10 & Sonic Touch

I am brand new to hearing aids and have been recommended a pair of Dot 10’s by an Audiologist. I trialed a pair of Dots and was amazed at the difference in my hearing as this was the first time I had worn hearing aids.
Because it is a reasonable investment, like everyone I am trying to make the correct choice. I have recently noticed the release of the Sonic Touch series which are available through a different Audi and they seem to be smaller than the Dots which is appealing if the sound quality is as good.

Could any experienced Dot wearers please advise how satisfied they are and any problems. I believe there can be a problem with the cable in the tube breaking and perspiration on the unit.
Has anybody experienced the Sonic Touch 6 or maybe 12?

I’m currently wearing new dot 30’s for about 2 weeks now from my America Hears aids and love the dots. It was raining today and I had to walk around a building not remembering the moisture problems some had here on the dots but no problems.

One thing I noticed was I get very little occlusion affect with these dots once they are programed correctly. You really want to make sure your audiologist knows all the features and how to set them on your dots.

The batteries have lasted me over a week which amazed me. I wear them all day long and night too. Long story short…I really am favoring the dots and how well they sound and feel. Good luck!

Be aware that the dot 30 is the top line dot aid, and the dot 10 is the entry level dot aid. There are features/functions of the dot 30 that are not available on the dot 10, including the “natural directionality,” which make the dot 30 a more sophisticated aid.

Thanks jay_man2 & dfarrell8 for the info and advice.

Having never worn hearing aids before what sought of hearing experience would be noticed between the Dot 10’s and the Dot 30 based on features. They are obviously more expensive do the extra features justify the cost. I realise that is probably an individual situation.

Is the Dot 10 a good unit? Anyone worn them?

Does anyone know much about the Sonic Touch range?

The Sonic Touch will be Sonic Innovations first receiver in the canal open fit BTE. It is slightly smaller than the Dot. The dot was, up until now, the smallest RIC BTE on the market.

As stated earlier, though, the Dot 10 vs the Dot 30 will be a little different, as you are comparing a basic to a top of the line model, although the microchip is the same and using the same WARP processor, the directionality functions as well as the ability to fine tune the instruments, particularly using the environmental optimizer is not available in the Dot 10 or 20.

As for the Sonic Touch, it is based on their Velocity model, which is a great sounding hearing aid, provided that there is no feedback. I have not tried the Touch yet, but based on the previous issues with feedback on the Velocity instruments, make sure that if you get them, that they do speech mapping or real ear measurements to prove to you that it is providing the necessary correction in the high pitches and that they are not rolling off the highs to prevent feedback.

This is where the Dot may be a little better, as their feedback cancellation, in my opinion based on previous experience works better.

The Dots do not provide any telecoil or bluetooth options and I believe that this is the same with the Sonic Touch.

Please be aware that Beltone also has a model called Touch, which should not be confused, as the Beltone/Resound models are using the same technology as they are joined as a company.

In the end, go with what works best. If the basic Dot 10 works well, stick with it. Same for the Touch 6 or 12.

Thanks Admin,
Appreciate your comments I think I may give the Dot 10 a go. My understanding with hearing aid fitment is that you get some time after you purchase where if you are not happy you can return them. Possibly 2 months? based on this I suppose there is nothing to lose.

I did notice when I first tried the Dot that I had problems using the phone and was led to believe that fitting adjustments would improve this. Does this sound correct or is this because there is no telecoil/bluetooth option as you noted.

If you can hear well on the phone currently without hearing aids, then open fits, including the Dot 10’s should be just fine, provided you use the open tips.

If you have trouble on the phone now, then open fits can be tricky to get just right on the phone. You may want to try holding the handset up higher over the microphones of the hearing aid, which are on top of the ear.

Since these 2 models don’t come w/ telecoil or bluetooth options, telephone use can be the one area where there can be difficulties.

The “natural directionality” feature of the dot 30 is only available if you are using a pair.