Resound Dot 10 or 30?

I am looking for a hearing aid for the following profile (my aunt)

freq. left right
250 35db 40db
500 50db 55db
1000 55db 65db
2000 55db 65db
4000 50db 55db
6000 70db 75db

Pretty symmetrical. The hearing aid person said it is probably due to more nerve damage than anything else. She pushed us towards Resound Dot 30. It is about $2100 here in Turkey for the 30 and $1100 for the 10. I live in US and I visit regularly. She apparently also has polyps which makes the in canal ones not a good option and she likes how small these are. Couple questions:

a) Would you recommend the Dot 30 or Dot 10 for this profile? The choice is to get 2 Dot 10’s or one Dot 30. Or do you recommend another behind the ear (but small) HA?

b) can I get these any cheaper in US? She is pretty poor and I am trying to help her with the purchase, so anything will help I guess.

I Turkey will have better pricing, however- she should purchase the aids
where she lives and where she could get service…

General rule:

two cheap aids are always better than a single expensive aid.

Thank you! The audiologist is really pushing for the more expensive one, maybe she thinks we can buy two of those, but unfortunately we can’t afford it…

What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of these devices for the hearing loss as described?