Resound Cala 8 Programs switching for No reason

I have had the Resound Cala 8 from Costco for over a year and really like them . Out of the blue my left ear sometimes cycles through the 4 programs that I have over and over. I have to open the battery case to stop it . If you watch on the app you can see it jumping through as well and its really irritating . I have an appointment for my HAP to check it out but I am wondering if anyone has had theirs do this??? I sometimes wonder if I could have got sweat inside the electronics and something is shorted out . Any thoughts appreciated

If you use the buttons a lot, they can fail. You probably need to have them sent in for repair.

Debris on the side of the button? Button stuck down or sticky?

Ill find out in two days what my HAP thinks, but in the meantime Costco gave me an air dryer to try and it might be helping. I am of the belief this may have been caused by moisture getting inside from playing sports and sweating. I use the buttons and App equally and it does seem like the left one is stuck ON causing the programs to cycle. It looks fine so I believe its internal. Ill post my HAP findings on friday. I wish they had given me this dryer when I purchased it as it seems like a good idea. Its gentle heat that may help dry them out …

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Just to reply on this thread. In my case the HAP at costco after hearing my symptoms was able to replace both receivers for me. After Calibration they were again very clear and crisp. Seemed as if they got deadened after a year of use. The sticky button problem has gone away too however that may be more due to the use of the dryer every night now and being more carefull to keep them drier when playing sports. I have four programs and quite a few favorites that I like to use such that I give them quite a work out from the App on the IphoneX

Glad things are working for you now. I always use a dryer every night to keep my HAs working well.