ReSound Cala 8 beeping sounds

Unfamiliar beeping sounds in left HA followed by the HA turning off a couple of hours later. I opened and shut the HA and it turned on normally. Since then I have had more unfamiliar beeping sounds but no problem with the HA turning off. The HA are: Cala 8 bought in 8/2016. Went to Costco and they could not identify. Anyone else have this problem?

I have the Cala 8s too. And from time to time there are random beeps, often in a series - either one ear after the other, or several in a row. I have never been able to find out what they mean, and my fitter had no idea either. Never had the HAs turn off though.

It started up again and both HAs began randomly going mute and then turning on again. I went back to Costco and they recommended I have them sent to Resound. They are out of warranty and it will cost $270 but I was told that Resound does not have time to actually fix the HAs and will just send me 2 new ones! They will have a 1 year warranty at that time. Costco also set me up with 2 loaners! I would have been OK waiting longer to take action but I am going out of the country for 2 weeks and was getting anxious thinking they would break while I was gone.