Resound bluetooth streaming issues for Android 10

I am currently trying out Resound and I am not sure why I can get direct bluetooth streaming for music but not for phone calls? It looks like I got android 10 and bluetooth 5 for Note 9, or is it a matter of waiting for the next Android update to see if it is compatible?

Anyone also experiencing the same issue if you are on Android?

Unfortunately the Note 9 is not on Resound’s list of compatible Android direct streaming devices:

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Note 9 uses the same Bluetooth version and almost the same Android version as Note 10. Note 10 actually used Android 9 initially which makes it not compatible. The only difference right now is Note 9 is pending on a system update (just a tiny version below Note 10 but still Android 10). This could resolve things later but still it’s strange.

It does not explain why Bluetooth streaming currently works for music on Note 9 and Resound app is indicating no connection issues (no red ! anywhere once hearing aid is turned on and connected).

Just because a device is not on the list does not mean it is incompatible, as a case in point (ReSound Smart 3D app compatibility) Note 9 and Note 10 were not listed either but I am currently using that app right now.

I get what you’re saying but the Galaxy S10 series and the Pixel 3 series also didn’t come with Android 10 but they are on the list. I don’t know what to tell you. Note 10 is in fact on the list.

Also at the very bottom of the page you linked it says: For users with lower Android versions than Android 10 or other Resound hearing aids, use the Resound Phone Clip+ to stream from any Bluetooth® v.2.0 enabled Android device.

There’s also clearly a distinction between streaming, and direct streaming, or they wouldn’t mention it.

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Note 10 when it first came out will not satisfy the requirement. Note 10 also received an update to Android 10 later.

So if the list was made at the time when Android 10 has not been made available to Note 9 then it’s easy to understand why it was not mentioned.

It’s however unclear as to why Bluetooth direct streaming works for Note 9 for music but does not work for phone calls. To me this reads like a software bug.

My audiologist said help support also mentioned people have this issue even with listed compatible devices.

Have you checked the bluetooth connection settings on your note 9, to make sure phone calls is turned on for streaming.

My point, which I guess I didn’t make clear, is that there’s a reason they updated their lists to include some devices that didn’t come with Android 10, but now do, like my device, as compared to other devices, like yours, that didn’t come with Android 10 but now have it. It’s clear they’ve updated the list several times given that it includes both devices that were released this year, and devices that have since been updated. I’m sorry if that’s confusing.

I actually do not have any of the above options at all, I think contact sharing is only available in the next version UI 2.1 as well.

At the moment, using bluetooth streaming to take calls will cause the phone to restart…

I also noticed if I connect both hearing aid and Reconnect clip at the same time I will not be able to hear calls either, I can only leave the reconnect clip connected and unpair the hearing aid if I need to take the call. This seems annoying having to pair and unpair every single time?

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Yeah this strange, if you can stream music then you would think it can stream a call (even tho they have different bluetooth profile,A2DP,HFP)
I wonder if it’s in your phone settings, something like “hearing aid compatibility”
If you can’t get the basic ReSound ConnectClip to work with phone calls straight off the bat, then there’s something wrong with a setting somewhere, so at the moment your better off just unpairing the HAs and leave the ConnectClip paired.
Have you also checked what firmware you are running on the HAs?
And one last thought, do you even need the ReSound app to use direct streaming? If not uninstall it.

I just want to update this thread as I just had a software update on my Note 9 phone.

I can confirm that I can connect to the phone directly without any issues and I can make calls etc…


For the Android users out there, I’ve been a dedicated Android fan for years and connected them to my HAs through assistive devices. I’m trialing Widex Moments and streaming to my Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a Widex COM-DEX. It’s terrible. It keeps the connection but changes programs when I get a text and then restates the program name afterwards. That takes 4-5 seconds and I lose that part of a conversation.

I tried my wife’s iPhone and they were seamless. I loved them. This Android user is switching to iPhone because of my hearing aids. They are so important in my life that it’s not worth keeping my Galaxy.

Not all aids have a 4-5 second break in speech when notifications come in.
I wear Phonak Audeo M aids. When a text comes in a get a very short blip of a sound and that’s it.
Turning notifications off might be something to think about too.