Resound Bluetooth problems


My IPhone 8 + shuts off sound even if my HAs are stored in my purse or drawer at home WITH BATTERIES DISCONNECTED. Does anyone else have this problem? If I shut off Bluetooth I get the sound back. This is an INTERMITTENT problem so it’s making me crazy. I missed an important phone call as a result. I may try and ditch the resound app on my phone to see if that helps. It’s been going on off and on since purchase of the HAs back in June.


What do you mean by “shuts off sound?” Can you explain it in more detail?


with your battery doors open your HA’s should disconnect from the phone… i would try deleting app and downloading it again


You do not say what mode Resound aids you have. If these are “Made for iPhone” aids, you may need to delete the pairing & re-pair with the iPhone. There is a specific order to the steps to accomplish this.

With my Resound aids, if I am having connection issue, I find running the app for the Hearing Aids usually causes them to connect properly.


Its most likely a setting in your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > MFI Hearing Devices > Audo Routing

Make sure both “Call Audio” and “Media Audio” are set to automatic.


Thanks. I’ll try that. I’m not crazy about the app. I really don’t want to reinstall every time I have no sound.


They were both set correctly. I’ll ditch the app and see what happens


Sound turned all the way up but no sound comes out of the phone


Not the problem. I can connect just fine. Sound does not return to the phone when I disconnect the hearing aids.


Thanks. I’ll try that next.


Update: tried it again just now with Bluetooth back on and sound was fine. Four hours ago I had to kill Bluetooth to make it work. Frustrating. Does anyone know how to reach tech support for the HAs or the app? I’ve had it. This has been going on too long’


If you’re in North America look here: