Resound Azure

Hello all. This is a great forum for feedback on user experiences with different hearing aids.

I am in a trial period now. First tried Phonak Excelia - pretty pleased with them although some difficulty in noisy situations when people in front of me talking become muffled. But overall, really a change from my 8 year old Resound Canta.

By loyalty I also wanted to try the Resound Azure. Had them 2 days and not very pleased with them. Would like to hear others who have tried or use the Azure. I have the Azure Power BTE - severe to profound level.

The one feature I don’t understand is the so-called Natural Awareness feature. My audiologist says its when they set one hearing aid for omni-directional and the other hearing aid for directional mode (I wear 2 hearing aids). She also said the 2 aids doi not “talk” to each other so I am not sure what the big deal about wearing 2 aids with 2 different microphone settings. So far, sound from behind me gets lost as I turn my head. My Phonak’s were actually pretty good about picking up sounds from behind me. I guess maybe my main question is whether my audiologist knows how best to tune the Azure. I was just hoping more out of them.

Anyway - would appreciate your comments on your use of the Azure, or even the Excelia. Big decision coming up. Once the trial period is over, you have a new friend for many years (and many dollars) so want to make a good decision.



azure works best when you have a mild to moderte loss,
azure is not a wireless aids, the exelia is…

I’ve had Azure BTE Power aids for about 5 days and I’m very unhappy with mine as well despite 2 adjustments. I hear & understand much better with my old Canta 7’s. When my hair hits the aid, it makes all sorts of noise. In addition, the high tones seem too loud but not enough in the mid range and low tones.

I have a 60dcb loss in the low and high range but 80-90 dcb loss in the mid tones.

For more than 6K dollars, I expect to atleast be able to hear as well as I do with the old hearing aids.