Resound Azure Direct Audio Input (DAI) users?


I am considering a purchase of either the Azure or the Pulse Open Fit aid, but I have a question. Is anyone using the Direct Audio Input feature of the Azure aids at all? This could be a really useful feature for me, but I am unclear what is needed (cables, connectors, etc.) to provide audio input from a source such as an mp3 player or radio transceiver.

Any help is much appreciated.

thanks - john

This website has great information on using DAI’s. I ordered one (for now) from my audiologist to use with the Hear Buddy hands-free phone cord. I should have it by the time I get home…can’t wait to test it out. Later I may order a 2nd DAI and a Y-cord (for stereo sound)…again, from my audiologist.

:smiley: Thanks BlueSumos - that answers quite a bit.


Got my Oticon DAI yesterday. My only “problem” with it is that, because of it’s small size, the “controls” are small. I have two ways to set it…High or Low and 4 levels of volume. The instructions (remember each HAs DAI may be different) says to use a PLASTIC screwdriver (very tiny one at that) to set the controls…but they didn’t provide one. So I used an eyeglass screwdriver to set the High/Low, but couldn’t get the volume to turn. The volume is ok for my better ear, but I’d like to get it comfortable (louder) on my worse ear…in case I decide I want to get a 2nd one.

I bought my Hear Buddy from

The “home” website for Hear Buddy (and a couple of bluetooth cords) is