ReSound at Costco

I was at Costco having a new receiver attached to my present Rexton HA. The attendant noted that my HA is out of warranty (4 years) and asked if I would be interested in a new HA. I said maybe and asked about the Kirkland one and whichever one is being recommended. She said Resound as opposed to a new Rexton.

Comments please re Resound.

Costco has the ReSound Preza which is a top quality hearing aid that will run about $2700 US for a pair, including the charger. Is it better than the Rexton Adore Li which is similar priced? I am not sure. They are pretty comparable. The iPhone app if you plan to use that is probably better on the ReSound. The price is probably about the same as the Rexton. Other choices would be the Phillips HearLink, which is potentially a bit cheaper as it includes the charger in the base price.

However the clear best buy in my opinion would be the Kirkland Signature KS9 which is basically the Phonak Marvel M90 with the 312 battery. No charger needed, and it sells for $1500 a pair.

Thanks for the reply. Can anyone comment about the Phonak Marvel M90? Which ever I stay with, jump to, I will stick with the zinc-air cell (I have no interest in the rechargeable version). My present Rexton works fine, but I am expecting that newer HAs will have improved performance and superior intelligibility (I hope).

The Kirkland Signature 9 is based on the Phonak Audeo M90 aid, Marvel. A very fine aid.
The Resound is also a fine aid.
Did the fitter explain why the Resound was the preferred aid?

What model of the Rexton do you have?

I don’t remember what it was called but it was the Rexton for 2015 and the price was about $2300.

That’s probably the Trax 42 which was based on the Signia Binax platform The KS7 was very similar, but based on the Primax platform.

Yes, that sounds familiar.

I have Resound Quattros and trialed the Phonak Marvels. I prefer the Resounds. Just my two cents.


Getting back with this thread. Thanks all for your comments. I bit the bullet today and ordered the ReSound Preza. To the comment by the lady last December about it being preferred, she said it has superior performance and customers are raving about it. But she is in sales so what else is she going to say (probably pushing another one late this year)? I am getting the zinc-air cell version (batteries are cheap). We got talking about battery life and she said about 10 days. I told her that is amazing. My Rexton Trax 42 would give me only about 3 days (but I left the batteries in all 24 hours, batteries are cheap. and I did not want to wear out the battery compartment hinge). With my hearing she encouraged me to get moulds. She said if I did not like them, hated them, they c ould easily replace them with the usual domes. She did not push for any thing else, even the $400 TV streamer. But I just ordered a Streamer 2 from ebay for about $70. Now to wait until July 15 for the fitting. But in advance of that I already installed the iPhone app.

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You’re getting new aids because you’re warranty has expired?

I good friend of mine bought the Preza aids 3-4 months ago. He really likes them but has had 3 receivers fail in this time.
He has typical ski slope loss with high frequencies getting into the severe area and lower frequencies in almost normal hearing loss.
With the just out firmware update on the KS9 aids it would have been hard for me to pass them up.

Not the reason. The warranty expired several years ago.

My audiologist said that the ReSound Preza had a higher gain level and was “louder”. She advised it since offsetting my hearing loss was close to maxing out the Phonak Brio or KS 9.0’s (which I wanted). I’m getting the Preza’s next week.

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Several weeks have passed since I had the fitting of my new Prezas. My first follow-up visit will be tomorrow. Do I like them? Sure do.! Amazing. I found a few words left by someone else in the ReSound Blog:
“With every new hearing aid, she was able to hear marginally better. But nothing prepared her for the experience she was about to have – being fit with ReSound LiNX². As she stood in the hallway wearing her new hearing aids, her audiologist was behind her –walking away—and talking. But Erin heard everything. This had never happened before.”

This Preza is my third HA, the first two were Rextons. What the lady described as the performance being “marginally better” than the previous one also applied to me. But the Preza performance was from night to day and that had never happened before. Amazing!!

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I love my Prezas, (obviously) been able to hear much better but the multimedia connectivity has been life changing. Just ordered my second and third TV streamer (I use it on my desktop as well) from Ebay and am loving piping sound directly into my ears from both those and my phone.

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Are the streamers the ReSound ones?

You can custom order the ReSound TV Streamer 2 thru Costco. That’s where I got mine even though I got my HA’s from a local independent audi via TruHearing. At the time I got mine, Costco did not stock them. They can probably give you a quote over the phone and I think you’d have to go back to a Costco if you had any warranty issues.

Yep, I picked my first one up from eBay for $65 shipped, it’s used but works just fine, Costco were $250 new. The seller (rakicomputers) still has a listing and “make me an offer” enabled, so I offered $55 each for 2 more and it was accepted instantly.

I should add that they came with a power cable only, a quick trip to Best Buy and I had all the cables I needed.

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Just getting back to my original comments (see above) which started this thread in December 2019. Yesterday was my first followup to my original fitting. The hearing specialist asked me numerous questions which she typed into my record. I told her I was a little nervous about how the wire attached to the mold, that it might develop a kink and break. She said that should not be a problem but if it did a new mold can be cast based upon the computer file used to create the original. . She said a full set (L&R) is already on order with the wire a bit shorter since the originals are overly long. When they come in I will be called and the new receiver set will be fitted for me. I can keep the ones that are on me for a spare set.