"ReSound Assist Live" Provides At-Home Access to Hearing Aids

The new solutions will allow people to take a hearing test, currently in the US, in a drive-through setting or at home, buy and receive hearing aids and have them adjusted, without having to enter the clinic.


Previously, one had to be in your HCP’s office and sign or acknowledge a document allowing ReSound Assist service over the Internet because of HIPAA restrictions, personal data collection, etc.

I skimmed through the linked article but did not see any mention of how permission is granted now. Hopefully, if close person-to-person proximity is to be avoided, there is now some way of “signing” a consent form over the Internet. Perhaps installing the app is seemed to suffice?

Here’s what it says at the ReSound website via the link provided in the HT article on the service (seems like just oral consent over the phone does the trick-maybe it’s audio-recorded?):

How it works

  • Call your client and prepare them for the ReSound Assist Live video call. Remember to obtain their consent for being fitted remotely.


Will need to look into it. BTW, speaking of HIPAA:

The OCR, the HIPAA-enforcement arm of the HHS, announced that it will exercise “enforcement discretion” and would not impose penalties for noncompliance with regulatory requirements during the “good faith provision of telehealth” services during the COVID-19 national public health emergency.

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