ReSound app connection issues

Six days ago I purchased from Costco the ReSound Forte 8 RIC aids. Huge improvement over my old set. However, the iPhone app often has connection issues, with a red “!” on the connectivity icon. Since I didn’t order the remote, this has been an issue. I know I can change programs on the aid itself, but I haven’t been very successful with that…yet. Are there issues with the app? If so, it looks like I should order the remote. It’s a shame, because I got an Apple watch for Christmas in hopes I could control volume and programs from it. It works, when I can connect.

Do yourself a favor and get the Remote-- the phone link–the TV streaming. They are really very good and easy to pair

I would first troubleshoot further. The app has a ton more functionality and the remote is something else to carry around. I have had my Forte’s for three months. I have not had the issues you are having.

Prior to Forte I wore Costco / Resound KS5 with Remote, Phone Clip +, and Remote Microphone.

Most of the changes you can make with the remote you can also make with the manual controls on the aids (less the visual display). Short press ( up or down) changes volume. Long press (up) changes program.

I played with the multi-function button after posting this. It’s more difficult, IMO, to use than my KS4s, but do-able. I do love the app, and the watch is convenient. I don’t know why it takes them awhile to connect, and then sometimes I have no connectivity. I don’t recall the cost of the remote, but I may have to pick one up for quick changes on the fly.

Have you tried rebooting your phone? That tends to cure a lot of ills.

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you don’t actually need the Resound app to pair with your iPhone. Just press the front button three times and that should bring up the hearing aid control screen that is built into iOS.

Resound recommends this is a first step:

  1. Go to the iPhone’s Settings > General > Accessibility > MFi Hearing Aids
  2. Tap on (your name) Hearing Aids
  3. Select Forget This Device at the bottom
  4. Power your phone completely off and then on again
  5. Once the phone is back on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > MFi Hearing Aids
  6. Open both of your hearing aid battery doors and close them again
  7. Tap on (your name) Hearing Aids or GN when it comes up in black with (R+L) next to your hearing aid model number
  8. Press Pair on both Bluetooth Pairing Request prompts

Of course, make sure your iOS is up to date.

In my experience, the Resound Smart app doesn’t seem to make any difference in connectivity - it’s basically an prettier front end to the built in iOS hearing aid control app. And make sure you have fresh batteries in. My aids will start to balk when the batteries get low…

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Does this feature also work with android phones? My old ReSounds are probably about due for replacement.

I don’t have an android phone to test, but I believe that there is only limited functionality with an android-forte pairing. The aids are custom made to work with the iPhone and its low power bluetooth protocol. Therefore the “MFi - made for iPhone hearing aid” designation.

Yes, I have used the triple button push on the iPhone to bring up IOS control screen. Until now, though, I hadn’t realized I could change programs through it. However, I’m hoping to use the Apple Watch at work for controlling, and I can’t get the app to connect most of the time. The watch just completed an update, and I have shut down the phone. I will see if this cures the issue. If not, I will do the steps you posted that Resound recommends. Thanks.

I am a new HA user and have the Linx 3D and so far my experience with the app has been solid. I use an iPhone SE and Apple Watch 3 and occasionally the watch will drop connectivity but it seems to come right back. I do notice that sometimes the hand-off between the app and the HA’s when a phone call comes in, is a little rough and there can be a 2-3 second lapse between the call coming in and then transferring to the HA’s. Once the connection is made it seems to stay connected. I’m not sure if it’s the watch, which is a new addition, or if it’s the app.

I absolutely LOVE the TV streamer, and can’t imagine watching TV without it. The stereo imaging is incredible and since we have a soundbar and subwoofer system, I have crystal clarity in my ears and I still hear the bass. Best of both worlds IMHO.

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I haven’t re-paired the aids and the app yet. I am kind of afraid to do that, as this week will be the first with the Forte aids at work. I will get through this week first. I haven’t had connection issues today. Don’t know why.

I don’t have a tv streamer. I do have a mini mic, and it works well when sitting on the tv shelf if I’m moving around the house. Otherwise I don’t have many issues with the tv. I use the speech clarity on the app often. When the app isn’t working, I can’t get to the button from the ios program that contols the aids.

I’m thinking, though, that the multi mic is more suited for my needs for work purposes, and wonder why she gave me the mini. I will discuss that with her later.

I travel abroad later this month and am wondering if the app will work when I don’t have cell phone service. Anyone know?

I’m pretty sure the app won’t function when I don’t have cell service or wifi. I can’t imagine how it could

It’s a type of Bluetooth connection, so does not need WiFi, cell or data.

Great news! Thanks :slight_smile:

I also have the Resound Linx 3D and use the app on my iphone SE. The app is great. Sometimes the connectivity show up in ‘red’. When this happens, I press on the connectivity button, wait a few seconds, and it will show the phone connecting to each aid. This takes a few seconds, and then it show up in white.

Sometimes that happens to me, too. However, well over half of the time it doesn’t re-connect and just continues to “spin” in an attempt. I will play with the connection this week. Thanks for the feedback, though. I’m going to stick with it. If I have to buy a remote, so be it, but I want to continue with the app too. It’s just so darn convenient.

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This is pretty much my experience with the 3D app and my iPhone 6S with iOS 11.x
However, its a sad state of affairs really…I will swear in court that with iOS 10.x and the Smart app with my older Linx2 I NEVER had to re-pair, ever. Now often times I will switch on the aids and go to, e.g., YouTube, no hearing aid connectivity. I will launch or re-launch the 3D app and it will connect. Back over to YouTube, all is good. In the “old” days, I never did this, the aids connected to whatever the iPhone was playing, regardless of the ReSound app running.

As an aside, the user interface of the older Smart app was miles better, big sliders with, imagine this, the Right and Left volumes on the Right and Left side! Now they are horizontal, so top and bottom…who thought this was a good idea?

My wife is successfully using the Android app to control her new Resound Forte aids. The phones are Motorola Moto X Pure, about a year old, and are running the latest patch of Android 7.0. The Android app does NOT stream from the phone to the aids, but it does all of the control functions.

OP here. Knock on wood, but I haven’t had the connection issue in a long while. It takes a bit for the aides to be recognized by the app and load, but I don’t have the “spinning” while it tries, nor the red “!”.

After a lot of phone calls to my audi and switching out phone clips, I finally went to the Apple Store. It turns out my phone - the iphone SE- had a faulty Bluetooth antenna. The technician noticed the phone didn’t hold a wifi signal well either, and they are both located near the top of the phone. Long story short, I got a new SE, repaired my hearing aids and the phone clip+, and it is now working fine.