Resound and iPhone issue


New to hearing aids After follow up and an adjustment to the hearing aids, my iphone microphone is not as strong. I have to resort to ‘old fashioned’ phone to ear use instead of through the resounds cause people can’t hear me. The iphone microphone worked fine for my first week.

Are there any iphone and HA experts out there who can help? I have the app (resound smart 3D) that was also adjusted by the audi at Costco. I’m stumped and I’m reasonably technical. Thanks.



Neither your hearing aids or the app have anything to do with the iPhone mic.

The phone simply sends sound to your HAs. The app is not involved at all. You can remove the app from your phone and it will not affect phone calls.

It’s more likely where your iPhone is located when you’re trying to talk. Probably the best location is bottom-up in a shirt pocket. This gets your mic closer to your mouth and pointed in the right direction. If, like most people today, you’re carrying it in your pants pocket, the mic stands no chance of picking up your voice clearly.


Thank you for your speedy response. I just find it strange that everything was fine a week ago. I could put the phone in the passenger seat of the car and folks could hear me. Now, I hold ithe phone in my hand close to my mouth and it does not work well at all. It must be some iPhone setting then.

Thanks again.



It is quite possible that it is a malfunction with the phone itself. Can you go to the store were you got it for them to check it, Apple store or cellular carrier? I would suggest that. I worked in the cell phone business as a tech for near 20 years, and phone components do fail in this mass produced world.


Sometimes microphone apertures get partially blocked with dust/fluff. The tiny brushes supplied with some aids can be used to clean it.


Thanks for those tips. The phone is as new as the HAs I bought. Got them both at the same time.

I’ll check on the defect issue. Could be the cause.



Thanks for that thought. I am finding that there is an issue with the phone ‘switching back’ if my HA’s are out and vice versa when they are back in. When they are out, I’m missing calls and text tones. When they are in, the HA’s don’t automatically pick up the call properly. It may be the 8 plus, which I have heard can be finicky like that.
I just spent some time with some very helpful Apple support folks and they can’t figure it out. Next step will be to un-pair and re-pair but that’s a pain every time.

I’m beginning to see what’s going on but can’t completely put my finger on it yet. Thanks for your response…

P.S: This is a BRAND NEW phone!!



Is your new phone running iOS 11.4, which is known to be buggy with MFI hearing aids? I recently bought a new iPhone X specifically for my hearing aids, and I installed the iOS 12 public beta as soon as I brought it home. Would have preferred the 11.4.1 beta, but the public beta program had been switched to 12 by then, so I couldn’t get 11.4.1 without registering as a developer. I had some misgivings about going with an entirely new version of iOS, on a new phone and as an inexperienced iPhone user, but it’s been fine for the most part.


I only upgraded to 11.4.1 this afternoon. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.