ReSound Alera HA's and an ICD

I posted this in another area of this forum and don’t know how to delete it. It should have been here. Sorry about that.

My wife has an ICD for her heart condition and may need hearing aids. I have ReSound Aleras and she may consider them as well.

Does the radio feature ( 2.4 GHz signals ) for wireless use have any affect on an implantable cardioverter defibrillator device? They are sensitive to radio frequency emissions.


I don’t think so. I just checked through the materials that came with my Alera with wireless capabilities, and there was nothing warning about that issue. I did find, however, that for the same reason you’re concerned about, Alera wearers are supposed to deactivate the wireless feature when on a plane during takeoff and landing, when they say, “Please turn off all electronic devices.” You can have the aid turned on, just not the wireless part, legally.

Since your question has a mission-critical element, I would recommend asking the audiologist and, if the audiologist is uncertain, asking the audiologist to call ReSound technical support with that question.