Resound Alera bluetooth

Can the Bluetooth setting on a 961 be turned off or on with the software?

The bluetooth function is provided by the Phone Clip+ device. The Phone Clip+ communicates with a cell phone or a Bluetooth streamer and then transmits the signal to the hearing aids.

If you mean you want to switch to airplane mode, I think you have to open and close the battery door while pressing the button.

If you are talking about the setup and adjustment software your pro would have, yes, the Aventa software must be setup for a Phone Clip+ before the hearing aids can pair to a Phone Clip+

I have two pairs of 961 and the phone clip plus works great with the first pair. I recently bought my second 961 pair on the internet and they work fine but the pc+ will not connect. Didn’t know if the software has been turned off on that pair.

The ability for the Alera 961 to pair with the Phone Clip+ isn’t something that can be turned off in the software. It’s always available, assuming the hearing aids are working properly. When you pushed the white button on the back of the PC+ and then powered on the hearing aids, did you hear a musical tone? Also, do you have two Phone Clips? One for each pair of 961s? Keep in mind that a PC+ can only be paired to one set of hearing aids at a time.

Thanks…It must be the “two at the same time” problem. I’ll try to make the change.

So if I have one set paired to the phone clip + and want to change it to the other set…do I just push the white button and restart the other set? Does that disengage the first pair and load the other?

Yes to both. You’ll have to go through the process each time you change sets. Probably easier to get a second PC+.