Resound Alera 9 low battery warning problem

I got these new HAs in February. Actually, I’m on the second pair - the first pair did noise distortion that even the audiologist could hear and he couldn’t get rid of it.

Problem: When the low battery warning sounds the first time for a battery (both pairs have done this), it about knocks me off my feet; it is so loud. Subsequent warnings are at a very acceptable level. The audiologist has set the volume level for low battery warning way down. Testing of low battery warning in the office sounds fine. The interesting part of this problem is that the first warning is a different set of tones compared to the subsequent sets. It almost seems like there are 2 low battery warnings - the first one and all subsequent. Any ideas? The audiologist appears to be stumped.

I find the low battery warning on the Alera jarring as well. My impression from memory is that it may be louder the first time it sounds on mine, too. Maybe it’s programmed that way and maybe adjustments to the alert volume only apply to subsequent reminders. Or, maybe an audi can adjust this and yours just hasn’t figured out how yet.

If nobody knows the answer here, what you might try at your next adjustment appointment is taking in two batteries that you removed from the aids within a few days of the appointment, as soon as the alert sounded. That way, they still have some life and perhaps the audi can hear the issue when these batteries are reused. With an issue like this, the audiologist should be able to phone ReSound and ask for tech support to see if there’s an option the audi doesn’t know can be adjusted.

The Aleras allows changing the intensity of the beep as well as give a choice of either a high or low tone. It can even change the intensity of the beep according to the ambient room noise.

I suspect that the changes to the warnings beeps was not programmed into the aids. This can happen if you prematurely disconnect. Although I’m pretty sure that it gives some warning of this condition on the screen. My guess is that this will be verified the next time you connect to the programmer. This happens because changes are not made on the fly and you have to press the program button in order to save changes. All you can do is go back and have them reprogrammed. Good luck!

I’ve got an appointment on 3/21 and I’ll take both responses in with me. The audi is usually very good - I’ve been his client since 2003. I’ll post the results next week.

The first warnings indicate that there is not enough power for streaming, but there is enough for the remote to work and the aids to work!

Right. I get the wireless-ain’t-gonna-fly warning (two rapidly descending arpeggios, generally heard when powering up the aid) typically about one day/16 hours of use before the four-note Beethoven’s Fifth doom warning that means it’s time to replace the battery.

I had a low-battery warning today for the first time since the thread started. I was mistaken in suggesting that the first warning may have been louder than subsequent warnings on my Aleras. The volume levels for the first and subsequent warnings were the same IMO. It is jarring and unnecessarily loud, though. I’ll ask to have the warning dialed back a bit the next time I have an appointment.

Last Monday the audi tried to fool the HAs by making the audiogram on his laptop appear to give me better hearing than I have. That didn’t work - the low battery warning still did not conform to the settings he programmed in. He seems to not been communicating with Resound well. I had a phone conversation with him on Thursday again when the HAs still were way loud on the first low battery warning - I think he’s got it now that this a general product problem, not the particular HAs. This is the second pair that have done this. I have another appointment on 3/28.

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was time for another exchange under warranty…

dis1 is absolutely correct in that it is all programmable via the software. I’ve had the audi start with it so low that I could not hear it and bump it up to a comfortable level. The software has a “play” test button that allows the beep to be sent to the aid.

As for the different tones between the 1st and the rest of the low battery warnings, I don’t think this is correct. As far as I remember I get the exact same tone that repeats (every x minutes) until the aid finally dies if I don’t replace the battery.

You are changing the wrong field. IMHO the first alert is the change of program alert (wireless-ain’t-gonna-fly warning) and after that is the low battery warning (Beethoven). Two different warnings.

Go thru the tab with all the different sounds, listen to ALL the different sounds, adjust and listen to a sample.

Just a word of warning; unless you are in quiet environments (Audi office) a lot then you will want the sounds to be a bit loud in his office. I had several tones softened and as a result I could not hear them in the real world.

Good Luck!