Resound accessory updater (aventa 3.4)

Resound has been an update for Aventa 3.4. Now there is a new application named “accessory updater”. You can connect by USB your unite accesory.
Has somebody do it?. In my pc it can´t see accesory when I conect it by USB, only charge the battery.

Is the accessory update for the phone clip?

Oh it would be great to be able to lower the mic input level

Yes, it is for unite accesories. Phone clip for example.
But… I can´t do it work, I don´t know why it not be able when I conect the USB between PC(alera software) and Phone Clip.
Can you check it?.

I opened aventa and clicked the update accessories
it then ask to connect the accessory (yet to try it)
once connected to pc I would say you have to click update again

or you could try this

connect it via usb
open software
click update accessories

Do you know what the update is going to do to the phone clip ?
this is what I like to know as I dont want to upset the setting I have now

I don´t know what the update is going to do to the phone clip, because it doesn´t work with my unite accessories.
The software are waiting for USB conexion, but the phone clip is connecting to the USB, and nothing, I tried it several times…

Got a reply from Resound

There are new products that were released so new software has to be created as well to accommodate for that.
As for the updater, it will only work with second generation of accessories (Phone Clip, etc),
which will be introduced in Australia early next year so that (updater) function is not available with current models.