Resound accessories question (connection to accessories and general questions)


It is time for new hearing aids (Mine are almost 13 years old). I am looking around at what my audiologist will most likely recommend…which will probably be the Resound Enzo2 or Enzo 3d.

My main issue is that I am a Samsung galaxy user (almost all of my things are Samsung - phone, tablet, TV, etc, and all are linked to each other)
I have heard that they are working on making it streaming from Samsung phones, but still as of right now you have to use the clip+.

I guess I am getting old but I am not understanding connections to other accessories like the mic and the tv streamer. Will these things require the clip+ regardless of if you have android or iphone? Do you need the tv streamer if your TV is already bluetooth? How do I connect the hearing aids to my computer (windows desktop)?

I have looked all over for a FAQ on these things but I can’t seem to find decent information. They give a little of this or a little of that…but nothing detailed.



This stuff is messy and I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ll give it a try. Resound currently uses made for iPhone bluetooth technology (although they are working on Made for Android–no estimated release date) To stream directly to the hearing aids, you’ll either need an iPhone or iPad. To stream from your Android phone, you’ll need the clip. If you have the clip, I think you could stream from a Bluetooth TV to the clip to your hearing aids, although you could get the TV streamer to stream directly to the hearing aids. Basically the hearing aids can only receive specialized bluetooth. This can be either from an iPhone or iPad, or from a Resound intermediary device. So a microphone like Resound MultiMic would not require the clip. Hope this helps. And to add to connect your computer to hearing aids would require TV streamer.



The Resound TV transmitter and the remote mics transmit directly to the hearing aids. The Phone Clip+ is not required for those. To connect to an Android phone, laptops, tablets, or any other Bluetooth device you would need the Phone Clip+. I had the Phone Clip+ and it works very well. I currently have Phonak hearing aids and the Compilot 2 device, which is similar to the Resound Phone Clip+ and it also works well.



I used Resound mic by itself which was great to hear my husband. Also put it by the Tv sound bar instead of a TV streaming device.

Only used a littlevwhile as had sudden profound loss and had to get CROS system which Resiubs doesnt make. The phone clip was great for streaming music and my phone



Thank you everyone for your responses!

I spoke to the audiologist yesterday. She said that she believes that the newest Samsung phone (galaxy S10?) should be fully compatible without having to use the Clip+.

I tried emailing Resound’s customer support yesterday to see if this is true or not…but I don’t know if I will get a response.



I think audiologist is mistaken about S10 compatibility. It will likely work with the app, but I don’t think it will do direct streaming now. It may in the future with Android Q, but I’d be very surprised if it will do it now. If you don’t get an email response, I’d call.



You can connect to your computer with the Resound multi-mic. Plug it into the headphone jack on the computer and select the music icon on the mic. Audio will then stream to your HA’s from your computer.

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I emailed Resound, and they responded within a day.
You are correct, they are not compatible without the clip+



I use the Costco Kirkland Signature KS8 which is essentially the same as the Rexton Emerald 80 and Signia Pure 7Nx. I suspect ReSound may be similar with respect to connection issues. Here is a link to an article that describes how they work in a Signia.

Signia MyControl

This article mixes in the extra features you get when you have a iPhone, so if you are going Android then you have to ignore that part. One thing that is helpful to understand with the iPhone is that the iOS has an app built into the operating system, that does not need a phone specific app from the HA manufacturer. This built in app is the one that lets you seamlessly connect to the iPhone for phone calls and stream direct to your hearing aids. At the end of the article is one screen that shows the features of that built in app. They are pretty limited and the main feature is the seamless streaming without any other devices.

Is there a reason why you are only looking at BTE rather than RIC HA’s? I believe RIC now has about 75% of the market, and if they are suitable for your loss, you may have more choices in that style. They also tend to be smaller and less intrusive.



I’ve used both the Phone Clip+ and the Multi Mic to stream from my computer to my Quattro’s, the PC+ via a BT connection to the computer BT and the Multi Mic plugged into the headphone jack as pbuermele suggested above. Perhaps because of Windows 10 or the double connection the PC+ has to maintain between HA’s and computer, there’s a lot more latency using the PC+. If you have the Multi Mic, that will give a much better connection through the computer headphone/speaker jack at the Multi Mic to computer connection will be hard-wired and you will only have the proprietary (but very well done) connection between Multi Mic and HA’s - and to me, that gives a noticeably better audio quality connection than the double BT setup with PC+.

Since BT 5.0 LE in the latest and greatest Samsung phone has to be backwards compatible down to at least BT 2.1 and higher, I doubt that you are going to find any Samsung phones that aren’t compatible with the BT capabilities of the PC+. Since all four variants of the S10 have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, if you wanted, you could plug the Multi Mic directly into the headphone jack of your S10+ and stream to your HA’s that way. But then you have the problem of what do you do with phone connected to your Multi Mic by a wire? In the winter, I have plopped the two joined devices inside a deep jacket pocket and walked around the block streaming that way. I guess one could put the combination inside a purse or a manbag.



I’m not a candidate for RIC due to the severity of my hearing loss.



Yes, if you get to the profound level the RIC is probably not the best.