Resetting phonak icom

hi there,does anyone know how to set up the icom with the HA’s mic’s turned off,as iv just finished reprogramming my naida v and now the icom is so LOUD i cant hear the person calling on the phone,all iv really done on my HA’s is swap over from using a custom mold to a slim 1.3mm tube and fitted a power dome(looks great to me)and made some other adjustments to turn the sound down(as they were far to loud and high pitched)the icom worked perfectly with the custom molds so making a few changers to the overall sound has changed how the icom works with HA’s(iv kept 95% of the original settings that my audiologist made)thanks for any help here

Not sure how but I believe it can be done or you can have the mics attenuated like 20db or something. The compilot can do it, so I’m sure the icom can :slight_smile:

hey im going to have a good look around on the software as im sure its there, just got to find it!

My compilot program’s are at the bottom of the program manager.

You may have to set the program’s up first, I believe my audi had to do that first before he could change anything on them.

He also connected the compilot to the computer as well.

It may all be the same with the icom.

On my older icons, I could fully adjust the volume through the TVlink or/ and volume controls of audio source. How is your icom interfacing with the tv or cable box, etc.?

Yes i think your right,but my xp PC won’t even recognize the icom,same with iPFG 2.6b that I’m using so can’t see how I’m going to make the change’s that need to be made:-( why can’t the PC or ipfg see the icom?

You might be able to add the program’s without connecting the icom to the computer but only guessing…

Links may help…

Hi there,hey haven’t tryd that yet,but will tonight and post back,but I really only use for the phone or to play music from the phone as well,so I’m just trying right now to get the software to see the icom so that I can make the adjustments I need,thanks

Tenkan, don’t worry about your PC not “seeing” the icom. Just plug it into the USB.

The volume from the icom is not controlled by the icom iself. It is controlled as a program in the HA’s.
Go to either manual or automatic fine tuning in iPFG and you should see EasyAudio and EasyBluetooth on the left side of the screen. With one of those selected, adjust the volume on the right side of the screen.

If you want to attenuate the mics whilst streaming from icom then go to Follow Up Fit and choose Program Options. Choose either EasyAudio or EasyBluetooth and look for microphone attenuation at the bottom of the screen. This does not alter the volume of the audio that you are receiving through the icom. It cuts out unwanted environmental noise from your HA mics.


Hi Gilbert, thanks for that,that’s just what needed to know, as I was thinking it was not going to work without a driver for the icom, so great stuff for that information, I will now try and make the adjustments.:slight_smile:

That’s basically what I said, plug icom in and go to program manager/option…

Hey thanks to all who replied I now have my icom group’d,paired and set up just how I need it,cheers

hey guys all done and working great,thanks to all.