Reseaching SSD BAHA solutions

Ramsey Hunt Syndrome virus has resulted in my SSD. I have done a lot of research concerning BAHA devices. I have ruled our CROS because of a number of reasons. I have read reviews of BAHA 5 and got a lot of bad feedback because of the performance of the processor, ie, stops if you get sweat in the battery compartment, can not change volume without an i-phone. Most bad feedback about the Ponto Super Power were about the abutment. I am thinking of testing the Ponto system next week. Can anyone give me any insight on your experiences?

My friend has the BAHA 5 Superpower. She really likes it. Love being able to stream directly from her iPhone. My friend has SSD but her good ear also has a moderate loss.

I know a guy with a Ponto 3 SP, he likes it too!

How long has she had her BAHA and did she consider other units? By the way, thank you for the feedback.

She’s had her BAHA for around 2 years. As part of the rules as we have free healthcare, she has to trial a BI-CROS System first. She didn’t like it and found it very hard in her job as a school teacher. Also she didn’t like changing batteries all the time as they only lasted around 2 to 3 days.

I am hearing good things about the Ponto 3 SP and I am tending to go with the Ponto. Most complains that I have read about the Ponto 3 were about the surgery not how the aid worked.

If you’re ruling out CROS for the fact that all the processing will be done in one ear, then you can forget BAHA too.

The skeletal transfer from the BAHA unit will be detected by your better Cochlear and mask your natural hearing on that side. In fact it will be way worse than a CROS unit, as there’s a significant resolution loss and bandwidth limit associated with the BAHA transducer, even before you consider the significant downside of surgical intervention and prolonged component failure.

Try a CROS system. They aren’t perfect, but with more than 30dB of inter-aural SHL difference the better cochlear is going to be hearing 100% of the sounds anyway - so the issues are going to be moot. You won’t get full spatial awareness but you’ll get some sound field from your poorer ear.

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Thanks for the input, exactly feedback that I am looking for. I am leaning toward BAHA more because my left ear and surrounding area are inflamed due to the shingles virus (Ramsey Hunt Syndrome name for shingles that will not go away). I see the aud next week and I will try the CROS and will keep an open mind. I just had back surgery last February and it left me with no control from the waist down. With lots of work, I got most of it back but I do not look forward to anymore surgeries of any kind. That said, if the BAHA system turns out better performance wise and allows me to wear them in comfort, I will go for the surgery. I also feel that I do have some hearing in my left ear and I do not know yet the impact that will have on my hearing with the BAHA. Thank you again.

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I went to the audi on Jan 24 and to my surprise she had OPN1 for me to test out. The doctor told me that I had SSD but the hearing test showed that I still had some hearing in my left hear and hearing lost in the high frequencies in my right hear. She programmed the OPN1 to match my hearing lost and put the aids in my ear. My left ear is very inflamed and sensitive so I had my doubts. I now have had them for two days and don’t know that I am wearing them. I was amazed when she first turned them on. Some of the sounds seemed very strange to me but very clear. I can tell the direction that the sound is coming from. So far, I really like these aids and they seemed to solve my hearing lost without surgery.