Resale of hearing aides

My father-in-law purchased a new set of Oticon Agil AGXO K220 hearing aids in May 2010 shortly before a major heart surgery. Unfortuneately he passed away 2 months later from complications. He only used them while in the hospital and rehab. We would like to resell these to someone in need. I do not know much about hearing aids except we have the receipt and books etc. The receipt says the were manufactured in 2010 with a number (model I think) AGXO K220. We have a pair of them. It says digital, retail cost $6990. It says they were discounted down to $4900. There is a book that says it may be a “minirite” too. I think these are some of the top of the line aids. It discusses bluetooth capabilties too. My question is does anyone know a good place to resell these or perhaps someone is interested in them. We would make a reasonable deal. We are in southern California. Any help is appreciated.

Hearing aid donation. I know that Starkey has a hearing aid donation foundation where they will accept all all makes and models and the donations are tax deductible. You can get info online. You can also try selling them on e bay but you need to better educate yourself about the particular aids and how severe a loss they are for. Some info can be retrieved from, or since the aids aren’t that old you can contact the audiologist . Since the aids are only 6 months old i would definitely consider contacting the audi and getting as much info from him as possible.