Request comments from GN Resound Live 7 Users

About two years ago I bought a pair of GN Resound Live 7’s. I noted upon delivery that the noise cancellation and directional capability was not equal to the Canta 4’s I had before. After a month or so I had my audi make some adjustments, but this resulted in no change to the noise cancellation and directivity.
I lived with this for a year or so, then took them to a local HA dispenser that was recommended to me by a fellow hearing impaired engineer. He made some adjustments that improved clarity a bit. I mentioned the noise cancellation and directivity issues; his response was about the same as the audiologist – a series of comments that basically translated to “It’s all in your head”.
I remember running a rough test with the Cantas one afternoon well before I “upgraded”; with a band playing about 200 feet away, a 360 degree turn resulted in a very noticeable and broad null when facing away from the music. The Cantas also clearly reduced background noise when set in the “crowd” program.
A similar test with the Live 7s yields no null at all in directivity, and the only thing the “crowd” position does, in spite of both the audi and the dispenser’s adjustments, is make everything louder. This has been discouraging, especially at $2600 a whack for the Live 7’s.
My question: Are there any Live 7 users out there that have had similar experiences? A second question would be: Is there anything I can communicate to either the audi or the dispenser (I trust him more, he’s more technically communicative with me) that will get them to look harder at how to correctly program these aids?
Or do I just have crappy hearing aids?
Thank you.

I note that at least 87 people have read the above post… Surely someone has some manner of input regarding noise cancellation and directivity, even if it is not specific to Live 7’s… Any advice would be appreciated; right now I feel like I got a $5300 (expression deleted) without even being kissed first.

Bob Chadwick
Palm Bay, FL

I have the Resound Future (Alera) and I’ve watched my audiologist adjust mine for background noise. At first I didn’t think there was any background noise reduction going on. There is a page in the Aventa software where there are several icons of speech, loud speech, soft speech, background noise. The audiologist raised speech and soft speech several Db and lowered background noise several Db. We didn’t max out either one, just adjusted speech up about 5 Db and lowered background the same amount. It made a big difference. We did this some for the general program and more for the speech in noise program.

I love the directionality of these hearing aids. I was watching an old movie the other day (Body Snatchers) and there are some helicopter sounds. With my surround sound system connected to my TV the helicopters sounded like they were flying right to left right over my head. The hearing aids picked that up perfectly.

Your Live 7’s have how many microphones per aid?

How many did the Canta have?

The Live 7’s have 2 mics per aid. The Cantas, likewise, 2 per aid.