Reprogramming of Oticon Spirit 3 Hearing aid

My mother is hard of hearing and is currently using a Oticon Spirit 1 hearing aid (from what I remember). As she relies on it so much, I decided to try and buy a cheap spare one for her, in case anything ever happened to her current one. The plan was that if it did break, she could just swap the mould and keep going. I ended up buying a Oticon Spirit 3 from She brought it to her hearing specialist who unfortunately refused to reprogram it. From speaking to her, I gather that he believed that it was “locked” to the NHS and thus should not have been sold, and could not be reprogrammed.

Anyway, before calling defeat, I was wondering if its true that the hearing aid cannot be reprogrammed? Also, if it can, is it possible for me to bring the hearing aid along with the prescription to some other specialist, even over the internet, who could reprogram it? Im based in the Rep. Of Ireland btw.

No, you shouldn’t have been sold it as it was the property of the Primary Care Trust who issued it. The only people who can re-program it are the UK NHS as there’s a coded lockout in the Genie software which means that other dispensers will not have access to that model.

Report the sale to Ebay and ask for a full refund: the seller could be charged with fraud/theft if your serial number is reported stolen. You are potentially in receipt of stolen goods.

There are SO many NHS HAs on eBay and SO many people buy them as well. I reported one who was trying to sell 2 Nathos hearing aids.

I can program them for you. Oticon has different software for Europe and most people in US do not have it. You can contact me at