Reprogramming My Bernafons for Music

I appreciate that input and feared it might be the case.

Many players prefer analog aids when performing that provide a more linear response. They are BTE or canal models that can provide a larger receiver. They are fairly inexpensive compared to digital.

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Hard to find. Do you know any good sources these days?


Wow, damn good info. mateā€¦I am having the same problems with my $4000/- Phonak etc. and now using the the 2003 Unitron for playing the guitar etc. with NO real problems!

Cannot Access this Link at allā€¦please send me the PDF if you donā€™t mine? Cheers from Toronto.

Cannot Open the PDF Link? Please send me Copy if you canā€¦cheers from Torontoā€¦I am having the same problem since 20 years now!

Cannot open the PDF Link? Can you send me a Copy pleaseā€¦cheers from Torontoā€¦similar problems for me since 20 years now!

I can access the link.