Replying to somebody who is not OP


When I reply to an individual in a thread (my lazy way of trying to show who I’m replying to), it initially shows the person, but then it disappears when it’s posted. Am I correct in assuming that if I reply to somebody (non OP) and my post comes immediately after and it’s not shown as a reply to an individual that it means the post is a reply to the previous post. (I think I read that somewhere) Thanks.


I click on the Reply button in the lower left (edit: other left :frowning: ) when I’m replying to a post. I then click on the little blue subject line just above which highlights the post. I might capture a part for a quote. Then that really shows what the post is replying to.
The blue Reply button on the general line I think just “replies” to the thread and not even the OP in particular. Although I guess it could be said that that is replying to the OP.

I think it is implied that without a reply link in the upper right of the post that the reply is replying to the post above.

But I’m probably just repeating the obvious. :slight_smile:


Yes, that was discussed in the forum software update thread in this Forum Support category, darned if I can find the exact post though.

My solution when I want the post to show that I reply to is what I did here. Highlight the post and then hit the “Quote” prompt that comes up. The part you want to reply to (all or part) will show in your reply.